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Traditions & customs - your Baltic holiday in Vorpommern

Customs and traditions are still very important in Vorpommern – on holiday at the Baltic Sea you can experience maritime fishing, explore the local agriculture or enjoy the traditional delicacies.

The Hanseatic city of Greifswald boasts Germany’s largest museum harbour and 50 anchored traditional sailing ships. In the adjacent shipyard museum you can help the craftsmen as they repair small and large ships. Traditional boat building is also practised with great attention to detail in the boatyard in Freest. The more than 100-year-old boatyard is open to the interested public. If you want to experience a traditional ship in all its glory, you can take a special kind of trip on the “Pommernkogge UCRA”.

Delicious fish is part of every Baltic holiday! You can enjoy fresh fish in the quaint fishing village of Freest on the Peenestrom river. Freest not only has an idyllic fishing port that’s worth a visit, it also has an excellent local history museum. Here you can find out everything about the unique Freest-style fisherman’s rugs. Or you pay a visit to the spa resort of Mönkebude and go on a Zeesen boat sailing trip on the Szczecin Lagoon.

The open-air museum in Klockenhagen is about agriculture several 100 years ago. It's particularly nice here at harvest time. You can watch the binding of the traditional harvest crowns and go to one of the region’s many harvest festivals, the highlight of traditional agriculture.

Draghunting has a long tradition in Vorpommern. This special riding event with the “Mecklenburger Meute” dogs takes place in various locations in the autumn, for example at Stolpe manor house.

Vorpommern also has many unusual Christmas customs. Children love the “Lütt Weihnachten” event, a Christmas party for the animals in the forest. The writer Hans Fallada once wrote a children's book about this tradition.

And if all this maritime flair, agriculture and history gives you an appetite, you won’t be disappointed in Vorpommern. Here on the Baltic Sea you can enjoy many regional delicacies such as freshly caught fish, game and sea buckthorn.



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Traditions & customs in Vorpommern

Places and sights to discover


Greifswald Museum Harbour

Gaff ketch and schooner, sea cutter and ram ship, cruiser and holly boat - the museum harbour in Greifswald (which was founded in 1991 in the style of the museum harbours in Flensburg and Hamburg) showcases around 45 old ships. The museum is a response to the rising interest in historic ships and traditional seamanship.
The museum harbour is part of the old town harbour; it stretches from the Steinbecker bridge to the old granary and adds to the maritime flair of the Hanseatic city. The oldest ship that is showcased in the museum harbour is the “Pommerland” Zeesen...

Ukranenland - Historical Workshops

The outdoor museum 'Ukranenland' is openend daily from 10am-5pm from May to October. It is the reconstruction of a Slavic settlement of the 9th/10th century on the 'Ueckerwiesen' at the edge of town.
The northwest Slavic 'Ukranen' settled the 'Ueckerniederungen' from the lower 'Oder' up to the 'Zarow' and from the 'Oderhaff' to the 'Schorfheide'. Our 'Kirchheide' shows the erstwhile life, work and rites of the 'Ukranen' as it was constructed with...

Turnery Rose

The turnery Rose – in Eggesin – offers high quality traditional craftsmanship. Wood for building staircases, interior construction or building furniture is made here. You can trust in over 30 years of experience! We also offer custom designed handicraft or restorations.
Only very few turnery guilds can be found in Vorpommern. If you are looking for a special gift or arts and craft that you can’t buy anywhere else? Take the opportunity to visit the workshop in Eggesin. You can also get a small overview over our...

UKRA - the Pommernkogge

UCRA - the Pommernkogge was transported on the country road from 'Torgelow' to 'Ueckermünde' after several years of building on August 31, 2014 and dropped anchor in the harbour of 'Ueckermünde'. The 'Kogge' basically serves the impartation of history and youth work and thus is supposed to impart as the 'swimming museum'.
On October 17, 2015 the time had come - the 'Pommernkogge' was named 'Ucra'. Hundred people came to become part of this event. The owner is the city 'Torgelow', which worked on this major project in cooperation with many partners and the funding body...

Haffmuseum in the Castle Ueckermünde

Fancy history? In the Uckermüder Haffmuseum you can discover lots of it. Wether if Easter or Christmas exhibition or interactive tours through the local museum, visitors of every age will have a great time. If you managed to climb the 75 stairs up the castle tower, you will be rewarded with a great view.
In the middle from the old Town from the seaside resort Ueckermünde in the castle the Pomeranian duchess, there is the Haffmuseum.The museum’s entrance with its late gothic cladding design is already very interesting for fans of architecture. The...

Sailing School Greifswald

Visit the idyllically located sailing, surfing and recreational craft school in Greifswald. Come profit from our knowledge and wide variety of courses for guests of every age. Guided kayak tours and boat rental are also part of the offers.
At our place you can learn sailing, surfing and driving the recreational craft in one of the most beautiful surf and sailing areas of Germany. You will find our optimally equipped school in Greifswald/Wieck, a placid fishermen’s village, directly at...

The Manor Complex Stolpe

In the midst of a monumental, rambling manor complex from the past century lies, surrounded by a park with old trees, the restored manor house Stolpe. The house, member of Relais & Châteaux, is lofty enthroning over the unspoiled river in the middle of the nature park Peenetal.
Silver cranes, white-tailed eagles and beavers are your neighbors during the pleasurable stay in the Manor complex;it does not matter if during the à la carte breakfast, the King Cake under old trees in the 11-hectare park, a nice dinner in the...

Pommerland herb garden

The Pommerland herb garden is located in Pulow in Vorpommern.

Wooden Drawbridge Wieck

The Wooden bascule bridge Wieck connects the districts Wieck and Eldena of the Hanse town Greifswald. It was built in 1887 based on a Dutch model. The bridge is situated across the river Ryck. The river empties into the Danish Wieck, a part of Greifswald’s Bodden. The bridge is only accessible for cyclists and pedestrians and is only opened on demand. During the approx. 10 min long bridge opening, engineering enthusiasts can watch the functionality of the old memorial.

Museum of local history

The small museum hosts a collection of many different commodities, which were used in the daily life of the local fishermen and farmers. The exhibition hall was carefully arranged by the village’s residents. Special attractions are the famous traditional carpets of Freest.
The hand-knotted rarities have been produced here since 1928. In last centuries, the carpet was an additional income for the fishing families. When you are looking for a group tour, please give a short call.

Harbour Lassan

Harbour Lassan
In the east side of WVorpommern, vis-à-vis to the island Usedom and directly at the Peenestrom, the old town of  Lassan is located, midst the appealing landscape between gently rolling hills and wide fields. The town is not a typical tourist...

Fishig port Wieck

Fishig port Wieck

Eggesin folk museum

The folk museum in Eggesin tells you all about the small town’s history.

Heimatmuseum Fischerstube Mönkebude

Since 2000 the museum “Fischerstube” contains all the things that dictate the life in the village and its neighboring region. The tourist information can also be found here. Here you can find information, accommodation service, bike rental, fishing maps, souvenirs, etc.
The Fischerstube was formed in 1996. The exhibition’s main focal points are the contemporary witnesses of fishery and the shipping industry. No matter if fish traps, fishing nets or eel harpoons - all exhibits can be related to the seamen and their...

Museum of local history Rieth

Grenzstraße 3 , 17375 Rieth
The museum of local history, tells the story of how life was 100-150 years ago. The old fishing tools, kitchen tools and photos testify the history. In the smallest museum of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, you can experience the history of Rieht.

Norbert Stöcker boatyard

The Norbert Stöcker boatyard has 40 water berths for yachts of up to 14 metres in length on the Uecker river, about one sea mile upstream of the Uecker estuary.

Weisse Düne Sailing Tours

Weisse Düne Sailing Tours: We invite you to a feast for the senses. Weisse Düne, this means pure romantic under sails in the waters of Usedom. The Weisse Düne is a sailing ship built in 1909. We connect comfort with history. Adventure a wonderful sailing tour in an unique ambience. Out day and night cruises take place in protected waters of the Island of Usedom. Real sailors and also inexperienced people get their money’s worth.
During our day and night cruises we give you a ride to the Pomeranian waters around Usedom from Neppermin, Wolgast or Karlshagen. Aboard you will be welcomed with a glass of champagne. Captain Jane Bothe takes you back to the old times and tells the...

“Vorpommern” traditional ship

The “Vorpommern” traditional ship is operated by Sozialarbeit Vorpommern gGmbH.

Cutter “Lütt Matten”

Seestr. 45a, 17375 Altwarp
Excursions, ferry trips, sailing tours and charter tours; excursions from Kamminke, Altwarp, Neuwarp; Crossings from Altwarp to Neuwarp