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The Brohmer & Helpter Mountains

Gentle hills, streams, forest growth: the Brohmer & Helpter Mountains not far from the Baltic Sea and the Szczecin Lagoon inspire nature fans and active recreation seekers in particular with their calming idyll.

The Brohmer Mountains

The gentle hills were formed about 13,700 years ago as a terminal moraine. Today, the landscape is characterized by many small spring creeks, swampy depressions and lakes, such as the Galenbeck Lake or the Schönhauser Lake. The elevations are almost completely forested. The most common tree species here is beech. In the depressions there are more birches and black alders. Rare animal species such as the stag beetle, the longhorn beetle, the fire-bellied toad or the great crested newt are at home in the hilly and forested landscape. In addition, from time to time you can observe representatives from the game species red deer, black deer and roe deer.

Birds also find a safe and well protected place here. The mountain landscape is part of the European bird sanctuary. In the area of the Brohmer Mountains you can also explore many interesting villages. How about a bicycle tour along idyllic places like Woldegk, Strasburg, Rothemühl or Schwichtenberg?

The Helpter Mountains

Record-breaking! With 179,5 meters the Helpter Berge are the highest elevation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Ideal conditions for a relaxed hike with the whole family. Even a summit book is waiting for an entry after a successful hike. The ascent is signposted.

By the way, the terminal moraines originating from the Pomeranian stage of the Vistula Ice Age are named after the village of Helpt, which is located on the northern slope. Also worth seeing is the Mildenitz erratic boulder, which can be found at the edge of the Helpt forest, as well as the Helpt beech halls and the spring meadow at the foot of the Helpt mountain. This is also the source of the Linde River - probably the only river that both rises and flows in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

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About the Brohmer & Helpter Mountains

In the hill country

Surrounded by forests and lakes


"Friedländer" fortification

The medieval fortification of the city Friedland is certainly one of the most beautiful buildings of North Germany brick Gothic.
Once the six-meter-high city wall encompassed three gates, 29 Wiekhouses, a “fangel-” and a powder tower. Only the so-called Fischer Castle (15th century) has been preserved from the Wiek houses. The two remaining city gates are impressive examples...

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Narrow-gauge railway (MPSB)

You can experience the beauty of nature, the driving pleasure of slowness and the original driving experience in a 600 mm narrow-gauge railway in Schwichtenberg. Visit a exhibition in the original local railway control room and the locomotive show. Opening hours: 1.May – 3.October, every Saturday and Sunday from 02:00 pm – 05:00 pm.
In 1996 the association “Freunde der MPSB e.V.” was founded in Schwichtenberg. The club’s goal was to build a museum train and attract tourists with the narrow-gauge railway. The Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian narrow-gauge railway friends operate the...

boulder garden Schwichtenberg

Boulder garden Schwichtenberg - discoveries of the stones of the ice age.
The boulder garden is part of the ice age route of Mecklenburg Lake District. It offers not only a unique experience of nature and relaxation, but at the same time a journey into the past on a total distance of 666 km far ahead of our time - the ice...

Viewing platform NSG Galenbecker Lake

Viewing platform NSG Galenbecker Lake
There are many species of waterfowl in the biosphere reserve and rare plants have their home here. On the well-signposted nature trail you can admire the impressive flora and fauna itself. It is worth the way to the observation deck, from which you...

Original Bauerngarten Manufacture

Natural regional products! In our transparent production, you can observe our chef doing her work. On the basis of many her own recipes, she produces chutney, mustard, curd, pesto, aioli or fruit spread.
Discover the special culinary delight! Out of predominantly local cultivation, we prepare over 100 varieties of culinary delights for our guests. Our product range meets the needs of our clients. Our products can be combined with, cheese, meat,...

Blockhaus in Eichhof-Vorpommern

Eines der letzten Blockhäuser steht in Eichhof bei Wilhelmsburg an der großen Friedländer Wiese. In den Jahren zwischen 1997 und 2000 erfolgte die denkmalgerechte Instandsetzung des Baudenkmals. Heute kann es besichtigt werden und im Blockhaus-Café gibt es frisch gebackenen Kuchen.
250 Jahre lebten in dem Blockhaus Eichhof Menschen, die Landwirtschaft betrieben. Die Blockbauweise war bis ins 20. Jahrhundert hinein im waldreichen Mitteleuropa weit verbreitet. Die in der Region zu Beginn des 18. Jahrhunderts noch vorhandenen...

Star Camp Friedland

A small, family-run campsite on a slightly wavy meadow with scattered tree population, at the edge of the natural reserve 'Brohmer Berge' at the Brohmer reservoir.
Our campsite is located in one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania at the most northern dam of Germany, at the edge of the natural reserve 'Brohmer Berge'.Surrounded by widespread wooded areas and countless lakes...

Forstsamendarre Jatznick

Cone storage and larch drum. In the production and exhibition manufactory of the forestry seeds kiln Jatznick, visitors experience how seeds of trees and shrubs are obtained by historical and modern procedures. A seed drying kiln is located in the village since 1923. To torrefy means to dry or roast.
Cone storage and kiln. She became necessary after the first world war, to reafforest the empty areas of the forest, which were caused by the depletion as a result of the reparation payments to...

Heimatstube Rothemühl

Heimatstube Rothemühl

SV Brohmer Berge

Equestrian vaulting and horseback riding for handicapped people

House Wildtierland – Hostel Gehren

House Wildtierland – Hostel Gehren is conveniently located to the Wildlife Park
House “Wildtierland” is the perfect starting point for a walk or bike ride into the nature. The modern 3 star Hostel is located midst the unique landscape of the “Brohmer hills” and conveniently located to the Wildlife Park. No matter what you are...

Church Jatznick

The church Jatznick was constructed in the 14th century.
The boulder Church was constructed in the 14th century. The year of the construction is unknown. The west tower has a timber frame attachment and the arched hood were added in the 18th century. In 1990 the church was renovated. 

Gourmet Manufaktur Gut Klepelshagen

Bestes Fleisch aus nachhaltiger, bio-zertifizierter Landwirtschaft, ausgewogene Zutaten, meisterliche Verarbeitung und fachmännische Produktion – die Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten der Gourmet Manufaktur Gut Klepelshagen erfüllen höchste Ansprüche.
Das Gut Klepelshagen ist ein ökologischer Land- und Forstwirtschaftsbetrieb mit mehr als 2000 ha Fläche, davon sind über 300 ha als Naturschutzgebiet ausgewiesen. Die Rothirsche, Rehe und Schwarzwild leben hier, wie es ihrer Natur entspricht: Frei in...

Local museum Strasburg

The touristic formation has its office in the museum building.Tuesday – Friday: 09:00 am - 11:30 amAnd Sunday : 15:00 pm – 17:00 pm (April - October)Different Times: with pre – announcement
The building was constructed in 1760 and used as a school. Since 1975 you can see exhibits from the town. On special rarity is an art clock out of straw. You can also gaze the two decorated fireplaces out of Strasburg pottery, made in the...

Hotel Castle Rattey

Schloss Rattey is an inviting and unpretentious manor house with a park and surrounding vineyards and was built in 1806. Today's Hotel Schloss Rattey offers guests 15 spacious double rooms and suites equipped with modern comforts, as well as a restaurant, sauna and farm shop.
Guests can choose from 15 rooms and suites in Rattey Castle and a further 36 rooms in the Hotel Weinkellerei near Rattey Castle. The rooms in the castle are spacious, modern and very individually furnished and, like the new Hotel Weinkellerei, are...

Wildtierland Gut Klepelshagen

Im Wildtierland Klepelshagen können Besucher den Artenreichtum der heimischen Flora und Fauna ganz ohne Zäune und Gehege bestaunen.
In dem mehr als 1500 Hektar großen Areal können Tierliebhaber von einem der Hochsitze unentdeckt nach Rothirsch, Reh, Sperber oder Storch Ausschau halten, direkt an Dachs und Fuchs vorbei schlendern sie durch die Landschaft und entdecken das...

Municipal Church Strasburg

Strasburg's municipial church St. Marien was built between 1250 and 1280.
The building of the church was started in the second half of the 13th century. Around 1450 the conversion of the central part into a Gothic three-aisled hall church began. The church was comprehensively restored in 1935 and 1990. The 'Kaltschmidt'...

Bauernhof am Mühlenblick

Landgenuss aus Mecklenburg- Probieren Sie herzhafte Wurstspezialitäten aus hofeigener Produktion und entdecken Sie weitere regionale Erzeugnisse in unserem stilvoll gestalteten Hofladen mit Café in der Windmühlenstadt Woldegk.
Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft und Mecklenburger Handwerkstradition - Diesen Herausforderungen stellen sich täglich behinderte und nicht behinderte Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der Gemeinnützigen Werk- und Wohnstätten GmbH auf unserem Bauernhof am...