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Lassaner Winkel

The Lassaner Winkel (the area surrounding the town Lassan) is characterized by wide meadows and numerous water holes in which the sky is reflected. Here you will find deceleration, relaxation in harmony with nature and yourself.

The area is committed to sustainable tourism and characterized mainly by the closeness to nature, the number of active artists and craftsmen as well as a common sense oriented grandson suitable view of life of its inhabitants. The active network “Kräuter, Kunst und Himmelsaugen” is the winner of the contest "LandArt". The region offers customized offers for nature and culture lovers: Discover different medicinal and culinary herbs in the Fragrance and Touch Garden in Papendorf. Weekly guided wild herbs tours through the Western Pomeranian country along the riverbank of the Peenestrom give additional insight into the nature of the Lassaner Winkel. In addition Gong meditation, fasting and yoga promise relaxation for body and mind. In Pulow you can create various weavings with your family. Particularly popular, especially in children, are the walks with donkeys or ponies. Explore the area together with the even-toed ungulates. In the health food store “Höfeladen Esslust” regional specialties can be found.

Experience the Lassaner Winkel with all your senses and treat yourself to a break from everyday life and bustle. Located in Lassaner Winkel is the small idyllic harbor town Mellenthin. Right on the river Peene Lassan is located in close proximity to the island of Usedom. The historic old town with quaint half-timbered houses has several small shops. As a resting place for water sports enthusiasts the Lassaner Wasserwanderrastplatz invites you to linger.


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