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Lassaner Winkel

The Lassaner Winkel (the area surrounding the town Lassan) is characterized by wide meadows and numerous water holes in which the sky is reflected. Here you will find deceleration, relaxation in harmony with nature and yourself.

The area is committed to sustainable tourism and characterized mainly by the closeness to nature, the number of active artists and craftsmen as well as a common sense oriented grandson suitable view of life of its inhabitants. The active network “Kräuter, Kunst und Himmelsaugen” is the winner of the contest "LandArt". The region offers customized offers for nature and culture lovers: Discover different medicinal and culinary herbs in the Fragrance and Touch Garden in Papendorf. Weekly guided wild herbs tours through the Western Pomeranian country along the riverbank of the Peenestrom give additional insight into the nature of the Lassaner Winkel. In addition Gong meditation, fasting and yoga promise relaxation for body and mind. In Pulow you can create various weavings with your family. Particularly popular, especially in children, are the walks with donkeys or ponies. Explore the area together with the even-toed ungulates. In the health food store “Höfeladen Esslust” regional specialties can be found.

Experience the Lassaner Winkel with all your senses and treat yourself to a break from everyday life and bustle. Located in Lassaner Winkel is the small idyllic harbor town Mellenthin. Right on the river Peene Lassan is located in close proximity to the island of Usedom. The historic old town with quaint half-timbered houses has several small shops. As a resting place for water sports enthusiasts the Lassaner Wasserwanderrastplatz invites you to linger.

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Ackerbürgerei Lassan

In the historic city of Lassan, close to the harbour, you will find the Àckerbürgerei.We offer friendly rooms and apartments for small and large families, a holiday cottage and a tiny restaurant with snazzy regional and vegetarian dishes. All located around a closed garden property.
The special feature of the Ackbürgerei is the large, lively designed garden with cats, rabbits, running ducks and turtles, which invites you to rest, relax, play and enjoy the family atmosphere.In the dining room or on the terrace we serve you...

Scent and Touch Garden Papendorf

A place to learn and enjoy! The scent and touch garden Papendorf invites you into the world of medicinal, spice, scented - and poisonous plants. The garden is sorted into specific theme beds, loving and naturally designed. During a one-hour expert guidance, we respond to your interests and introduce single plants.
Embedded in a sink, at the edge of the village is the 5,000 m large garden of the Club Mirabell e. V. located. More than 300 different medicinal, scent and spice plants like vegetables, shrubs, berry bushes and flowers can be found here. With all...

Nature Camping Site Lassan

Urlaub in einer der schönsten Flusslandschaften Deutschlands. Großzügige, naturbelassene Stellplätze vor den Toren Usedoms. Seien Sie aktiv oder lassen Sie die Seele baumeln – bei uns ist alles möglich. Willkommen im Urlaub!
Particularly suitable for water sports enthusiasts is the camping site a good place. In the branch canal, who flows from the Peenestrom directly to the camping site. We have enough place for sport boats (max 70 cm draught).`Park` and slip dirktly for...

Ma Mer Massage

The Ma Mer massage practice interweaves contact and sound in a special way. Martina Gläser-Böhme provides sound massages and miscellaneous types of massages with Monochord, singing bowls and many more. In your own holiday home, you could take a break and learn to play the instruments yourself.
For a lot of people the combination of contact and sound is a very primal experience. Contact and sound can provide a deep relaxation and the feeling of comfort. It fondles body and soul. No matter which type of massage you choose, they all include...

Manor House Libnow

The manor house Libnow was constructed in 1860; nowadays in the house there are 7 guestrooms, a frames manufacture and a printing plant.
In cooperation with the neighboring wholefood shop, the manor house Libnow is committed to offer a wide range of leisure activities in the region western Pomerania. The lovely restored house is situated in the lower Peenetal. The landscapes features...

Harbour Lassan

Take a stroll at the old harbour in one of Germany's smallest towns.
In the east side of Vorpommern, vis-à-vis to the island Usedom and directly at the Peenestrom, the old town of  Lassan is located, midst the appealing landscape between gently rolling hills and wide fields. The town is not a typical tourist...

Watermill Lassan

Today a mill and local history museum is situated in the Lassan Watermill. Old craftsmanship from frame carpentry to baker's craft is exhibited in it.
This house exists since July 9, 1988 as a museum for the city of Lassan and its visitors. The building itself is known as a watermill since the 15th century and was in operation until 1930. Afterwards it was shifted to diesel engine propulsion and a...

Village Church Wehrland

The village church of Wehrland is a boulder church from the 13th century.
The boulder church was built in the 13th century and extended and rebuilt several times in the following centuries. Worth seeing in the Interior of the Church is the organ gallery with an organ by Wilhelm Remler (Berlin) from 1866. She is one of...


The old manor house „KUNST & KEMENATEN“ lays idyllically on the outskirts of a tiny village, far off the tourist flow to the island Usedom. Besides three comfortable holiday apartments the artist couple, which is running the house, offers a variety of workshops for its guests.
Your hosts are two art educators with a college degree and years of work experience as art teachers and lecturer of fine arts and history of art. We both are working as freelance artists for some years now. The old manor house near Klein Jasedow...