Ma Mer Massage

The Ma Mer massage practice interweaves contact and sound in a special way. Martina Gläser-Böhme provides sound massages and miscellaneous types of massages with Monochord, singing bowls and many more. In your own holiday home, you could take a break and learn to play the instruments yourself.

For a lot of people the combination of contact and sound is a very primal experience. Contact and sound can provide a deep relaxation and the feeling of comfort. It fondles body and soul. No matter which type of massage you choose, they all include music. All around the massage practice you will find sound and feeltone instruments, singing bowls and gongs and more. Most of these feeltone instruments are equipped with the monochord. Its overtone-rich, spherical sounds are helping you to step out of the fast rhythm of life and find rest. It invites you to dream and gently assists the meditation. The holiday house Ma Mer presents a safe place with multiple offers for relaxation, recovery and education. A rich culture and creative network enhances the experience. In Pulow, a delightful spot with its glacial valley, its lakes, meadows and woods, you can put your mind to rest. The pristine nature invites guests to take a hike not only by feet, but also by bike and raft. Popular are the so called “sound holidays”, a private seminar in monochord playing. No prior musical knowledge is necessary. You will get to know new instruments, made in one of Pulow’s music workshops (

We also offer a special treatment for women, how want to be for them self and reinvent themselves or to discover their own depth. For those guests we provide: massages, conversations, guided tours and sound journeys to help find clarity and strength.  

Also couples like to treat themselves at Ma Mer and enjoy the experience.


Details at a glance

Ma Mer Massagepraxis

Feldstraße 3 A
17440 Lassan OT Pulow

Telephone: +4938374 559039 / 01607282136