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Manor house journey through Vorpommern

About 600 stone witnesses of the past remind us of former agricultural structures, the life of the Pomeranian lords and the eventful history of the Southern Baltic region. In Vorpommern you will find a region, where once many large, magnificent manors arose, from which the surrounding villages developed. Nowadays they build an entire manor house landscape, which is now filled with new life, ideas and passion for manors and castles. See for yourself!

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Centres of rural hinterland

The influence of the numerous castles, manor houses and stately homes still characterises the typical structures of the manor villages in the rural area of Vorpommern today. The inhabitants were and still are closely connected to the estates. For this reason, more and more of the old walls are being renovated in accordance with the preservation order and filled with new life.

A typical manor village is Stolpe on the Peene river. Today the Stolpe manor house is a Relais & Châteaux Hotel and is known and awarded (1 Michelin star) for its first-class cuisine. Embedded in a unique natural setting, it is located in the Peene Valley River Landscape Nature Park, where you can experience the manor house landscape from the water on a paddle or a solar boat tour. And if you want to experience, how the poet Fritz Reuter once dined, visit the historic restaurant "Stolper Fährkrug".

Old places, new life

The classic manor house hotel is only one of countless forms of use of manor houses you can experience today. Creative minds bring innovative ideas, courage and energy to make the manor houses the centre of the villages again. Manor house owners in Vorpommern bubble with ideas, art, culture or culinary delights move in, reconnect the manor house with its village and let locals participate. Many of the houses, like the castle and manor complex Zinzow, are also fantastic locations for getting married. There are also suitable offers for families, such as in the sustainable BIO HOTEL of the Nisdorf estate, near the city of Stralsund.

Further recommendations include Kummerow castle, Ramin manor house or the Hessenburg Manor. Immerse yourself in the manor house landscape of Vorpommern! Each house has its own special charm. Experience annual events, such as the Mittsommer Remise or Schlösserherbst. Visit noble manor house hotels or rustic manor houses, enjoy wellness or regional cuisine. Marvel at contemporary art or simply enjoy the peace and silence in one of the beautiful parks.


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Baltic Manors

Cultural treasures amidst Vorpommern...

... and beyond.

Stolpe Manor House
The renovated Stolpe Manor House, surrounded by a park with old trees, is located in the middle of a monument-protected, extensive complex from the last century. The house, a member of Relais & Châteaux, is towering above the rugged river in the middle of the Peene Valley National Park.
The magnificent Baltic manors of Vorpommern

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Quilow moated castle
A little pearl on the Peene river: Quilow moated castle is one of the few preserved Renaissance buildings in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with mostly original building substance and is an architectural monument of national value.
Movies about Baltic Manors

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Gutshof Liepen - Hotel & Restaurant Am Peenetal
Relaxing in the Peenetal - Located in the middle of the homes of beavers, otters and cranes and co, the manor Complex warmly welcomes you. The pastorally situated hotel & restaurant “Am Peenetal” spoils you with a large Bathing and Wellness area, comfortable double rooms and single rooms and a lot of leisure activities and excursion tips.
Exploring manors by bicycle

The most beautiful cycling tours through the manor house landscape of Vorpommern.

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