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Seaside resort Ueckermünde

The seaside resort Ueckermünde is an ideal resort for families. Attractive leisure activities and a wide sandy beach will make your family vacation a memorable event.

While the kids build castles in the fine-grained sand, you can stroll the quaint little promenade along the lagoon – beach holiday and maritime flair combines the interests of all.

In the Animal Park Ueckermünde you can marvel local and regional animals. After visiting the zoo the historic old town invites you with its small shops for a shopping spree. At the port you can then strengthen with a good fish sandwich. The museum in Ueckermünde castle teaches you everything to know about the city and naval history. For an active holiday Ueckermünde offers a good starting point for extensive cycle and hiking tours. Many cycle paths lead you around Ueckermünde across the area of the Szczecin Lagoon – there are small tours for small riders and extensive exploration routes for all "major" assets.


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Tourist Information Ueckermünde

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Animal Park Ueckermünde

In the animal park of Ueckermünde numerous animals live in naturalistically created compounds. Several Areas can be entered by the visitors, for example the monkey forest, stag garden and the petting enclosure. For children the numerous playing opportunities are interesting. New: wolf area and lagoon aquarium.
The animal park of Ueckermünde shows animals from all continents. Beside domestic pets and wild animals various monkey species, big cats, exotic birds, llamas and many other animals can be observed. Nearly all animals are sheltered in...

Haffmuseum in the Castle Ueckermünde

Fancy history? In the Uckermüder Haffmuseum you can discover lots of it. Wether if Easter or Christmas exhibition or interactive tours through the local museum, visitors of every age will have a great time. If you managed to climb the 75 stairs up the castle tower, you will be rewarded with a great view.
In the middle from the old Town from the seaside resort Ueckermünde in the castle the Pomeranian duchess, there is the Haffmuseum.The museum’s entrance with its late gothic cladding design is already very interesting for fans of architecture. The...

St. Marien Church Ueckermünde

Are you a fan of historic buildings? Then you are right here. Our Marienkirche dates from the 18th century and has been painstakingly renovated in recent years. Many old tableaus and ornamental paintings, combined with one of the numerous concerts, will make your visit a unique experience.
The steeple of St. Marien’s Church is visible from afar before the entrance to Ueckermünde. Since 1766, the St. Marien Church stands at this point. From a predecessor building, a part of the council stalls, which dates back to 1593, has been...

Ueckermünde Town Harbour

The town harbour of Ueckermünde is the main harbour in the small lagoon (Kleines Haff). The town harbour is on the river Uecker next to a bascule bridge and the branch of the Köhnscher canal.
You are in the middle of the historic old town. Bakeries, the main shopping streets, the town’s cultural offerings and the many restaurants with outdoor seating – everything is only a few steps from the town harbour. There are toilets, showers and...

Kulturspeicher Ueckermünde

For years now, the Kulturspeicher Ueckermünde is a centre for art, culture, craft and tourism.
Since 1999 the Kulturspeicher is a regional center for art, culture, craft and tourism. Here you can find among others a gallery, a store specialized on regional goods, a holiday apartment and a Caffee. Furthermore many interesting events take place....

Love Lantern Ueckermünde

Couples in love can attach a padlock with their name at the love lantern in the city harbor of Ueckermünde, .
As a symbol of their love, couples around the world hang small padlocks with their names on bridges, towers and railings. The love locks are a custom that is now usual all over the world. Since it has taken over in some cities in the meantime, it is...

Ueckermünde's path to the Beach

The beach of Ueckermünde is about 2 km from the old town. There is a paved path only for cyclists and pedestrians through the nature directly to the beach.
Who guesses the fairy-tale characters?If you are on the way to the beach and use our beautiful beach path, carvings will catch your eye right behind the historic bascule bridge. Instead of cutting down the trees and planting new ones, tree trunks...