Ueckermünde's path to the Beach

The beach of Ueckermünde is about 2 km from the old town. There is a paved path only for cyclists and pedestrians through the nature directly to the beach.

Who guesses the fairy-tale characters?
If you are on the way to the beach and use our beautiful beach path, carvings will catch your eye right behind the historic bascule bridge. Instead of cutting down the trees and planting new ones, tree trunks were given new life. By carving into the trees different characters from fairy tales were created, which you can guess on the way to the beach. The bike and hiking trail is very idyllic, on the respective sides you will find small streams and wide meadows, where you can observe different animals or just listen to their sounds. Along the way there are also benches to rest.


Details at a glance

Strandweg Ueckermünde

17373 Seebad Ueckermünde