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Fisheries in Vorpommern

Vorpommern is not only home to Hanseatic towns. Along the Vorpommern coast, from the Bay of Greifswald to the Szczecin Lagoon, there are charming fishing villages and harbours with a heart. Local museums tell stories of villages and regional celebrities such as the Freest fishing carpets.

Freshly caught fish and family celebrations

Whether fresh flounder or Hornhecht - in many fishing villages in Vorpommern the catch of the day can still be admired directly at the harbour. Besides the well-known fishing village Freest, the fishing ports Greifswald-Wieck and Altwarp shine with genuine handicraft and cordiality. Life plays on the quaysides, especially in the summer months, when maritime folk festivals such as the Haff-Sail in the seaside resort of Ueckermünde or Vorpommern's fish markets welcome thousands of visitors and invite them to share in the culinary delights.

From the landlubber to the sailor

Whether a rustic fishing boat or a sailor with a long history - in Vorpommern it is also true for guests: because you just dew and cast off! On board the "Lütt Matten" or during a trip on the traditional sailing ship "Weisse Düne", guests experience the beauty of the waters of Vorpommern on round trips, crossings or trips lasting several days. In addition to sailor's stories, knotting and chart knowledge, there are insights into classic fishing techniques and samples of the regional product range.



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Traditional Fishing Villages

The fishing village Freest

Fisherman Dirk Baumann tells what there is to discover in this gem with a view of the island of Usedom. Meet him or one of the many other fishermen in the Freest harbour. Here you can buy freshly caught fish directly from the cutter, look over the shoulder of wooden boat builder and their crew in the traditional boatyard or marvel at the unique fishing carpets in the local museum of local history.

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Fishing ports and towns


Fishing Port Wieck

Wieck is one of the oldest fishing villages in Northern Germany and is closely connected with the monastery in Eldena. The fishing port was already at that time an important outer harbour, on the river Ryck, for the city of Greifswald.
The listed fishing village Wieck is located directly on the Bay of Greifswald. The landmark of the village is the Wieck bascule bridge, built after the Dutch model. Especially fishing is still omnipresent here. Whether fish rolls, typical regional...

Greifswald Museum Harbour

Gaff ketch and schooner, seaquat and ramship, cruiser and kragejolle - about 45 old ships characterise the image of the museum harbour in Greifswald, which was founded in 1991 following the example of the museum harbours in Flensburg and Hamburg. With this, the Hanseatic townspeople reacted to the increased interest in historic ships and traditional seamanship.
As part of the old city harbour, the museum harbour extends from the Steinbecker Bridge to the old grain silo and characterises the maritime flair of the Hanseatic city. The oldest ship that visitors can admire in the museum harbour is the Zeesboot...

Fishing Harbor Freest

The fishing village Freest is located directly at the mouth of the Peene River to the Bay of Greifswalder and is home to the largest fishing port in Mecklennburg-Vorpommern (MV). Every 5th fish in MV is caught here, mostly herring, flounder and cod. Also the oldest smokehouse in Vorpommern is located near the harbour. From May to October guests can take the ferry to the island of Usedom, Peenemünde, every hour from May to October. Bicycle transport is also possible.
1995 - 2005 the port was renovated with EU funds. 26 fishermen's cabins were erected on the quay wall. A functional building with sanitary facilities was part of the overall project. This also houses a branch office of the pilots and the German...

Museum of Local History Freest

The small museum hosts a collection of many different commodities, which were used in the daily life of the local fishermen and farmers. The exhibition hall was carefully arranged by the village’s residents. Special attractions are the famous traditional carpets of Freest.
The hand-knotted rarities have been produced here since 1928. In last centuries, the carpet was an additional income for the fishing families. When you are looking for a group tour, please give a short call.

Harbour Stahlbrode

The port of Stahlbrode is located on the west bank of the Strelasund. The harbour has two harbour basins with over 60 berths. The facilities of the northern harbour were modernised in 1997. A car ferry connects the mainland with the island of Rügen (ferry Stahlbrode - Glewitz)
The small fishing village of Stahlbrode offers a variety of attractions for its visitors. Let your soul dangle in untouched nature and enjoy the fresh sea air - sunbathing on the small natural beach or simply experience the maritime flair of the...

Cutter “Lütt Matten”

Excursions, ferry trips, sailing tours and charter tours; excursions from Kamminke, Altwarp, Neuwarp; Crossings from Altwarp to Neuwarp
Excursions, ferry trips, sailing tours and charter tours excursions from Kamminke, Altwarp, Neuwarp Crossings from Altwarp to Neuwarp

Weisse Düne Sailing Tours

Weisse Düne Sailing Tours: We invite you to a feast for the senses. Weisse Düne, this means pure romantic under sails in the waters of Usedom. The Weisse Düne is a sailing ship built in 1909. We connect comfort with history. Adventure a wonderful sailing tour in an unique ambience. Out day and night cruises take place in protected waters of the Island of Usedom. Real sailors and also inexperienced people get their money’s worth.
During our day and night cruises we give you a ride to the Pomeranian waters around Usedom from Neppermin, Wolgast or Karlshagen. Aboard you will be welcomed with a glass of champagne. Captain Jane Bothe takes you back to the old times and tells the...

Museum of local history Rieth

The museum of local history, tells the story of how life was 100-150 years ago. The old fishing tools, kitchen tools and photos testify the history. In the smallest museum of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, you can experience the history of Rieth.

Museum of Local History Mönkebude

Since 2000 the museum “Fischerstube” contains all the things that dictate the life in the village and its neighboring region. The tourist information can also be found here. Here you can find information, accommodation service, bike rental, fishing maps, souvenirs, etc.
The Fischerstube was formed in 1996. The exhibition’s main focal points are the contemporary witnesses of fishery and the shipping industry. No matter if fish traps, fishing nets or eel harpoons - all exhibits can be related to the seamen and their...

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