Fishing Harbor Freest

One of the largest fishing ports on the Pomeranian mainland is located in Freest. In 1995 - 2005, the port was refurbished with EU funds and offers visitors a variety of services. From fresh fish from the cutter to smoked fish, everything is offered here. With the fishing boats, the small fisherman's cabins and the typical smell of fresh and smoked fish, the harbor offers a special maritime flair. In the local museum Freest you can admire the fisherman carpets.

At the quay edge, 26 fishermen's huts were set up. A functional building with sanitary facilities was part of the overall project. In this there is also a field office of the pilots and the German Society for the Salvation of Shipwrecked. Adjacent are restaurants that complement the offer of fish, ice cream and coffee and cake.
Converted trawlers travel with visitors to the Bodden and the island of Ruden. A bicycle and pedestrian ferry brings visitors to the island of Usedom and back. It is worth visiting the Historical-Technical Museum.
Every year in August the Freester Fishermen Festival takes place.

Northern German Route of Romanticism - Fishing Village Freest - Romantic Journey
An old, unpaved highway connected the places Wolgast, Katzow, Boltenhagen, Rappenhagen and Kemnitz. In bad weather or in winter this way was difficult to navigate. Runge therefore occasionally made the way afoot to Ludwigsburg or Greifswald. He crossed as well as Caspar David Friedrich, who probably did so during his honeymoon, the fishing village Freest. Fishing plays an important role here: even today salt mines, smokehouses and fishing nets characterize this place.


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Fischereihafen Freest

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