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Greifswald: Cycling, Hiking, Pilgrimage

All roads lead to Greifswald – or around Greifswald! The Hanseatic city and its immediate surroundings are gathering points for many cycling, hiking and pilgrimage routes from near and far.

Whether it is a day trip or a whole pilgrimage, interesting sights await you both at the end and already in the middle and "along the way".

Past Hanshagen and Kemnitz to Greifswald and Rostock runs part of the route of the Baltic-Westphalian Pilgrimage Trail. Here you walk in the footsteps of the pilgrims of St. James. By bike, the routes of the Eastern Brick Circuit, the Hanseatic Trail and the Baltic Coastal Cycle Route lead to Greifswald. You will cycle past idyllic nature, imposing brick buildings and wide Baltic beaches. Embark on a journey back in time along the former trade route of the Hanseatic League Trail. The secluded corners of Greifswald and its surroundings can be excellently explored by bicycle.

The Caspar-David-Friedrich-Bildweg offers just the right thing for all hikers interested in art. Here you can follow the life stations and viewpoints of the famous romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich.

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Route of the North German Romanticism

On the trail of the Romantics between Greifswald and Wolgast.

Pomeranian Pilgrimage Route

Via various Baltic, Polish and German cities, it also goes along the Baltic coast to Vorpommern.

Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route

Through historic Hanseatic towns and quaint villages, along the coast to powder-soft beaches.

European Route of Brick Gothic

Witnesses of the Hanseatic era: city walls, marketplaces and imposing churches.

Caspar David Friedrich Bildweg

Caspar David Friedrich Bildweg

In the footsteps of Caspar David Friedrich through Greifswald.