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"Petri heil!" - Fishing in Vorpommern

Relaxing in the romantic landscape of Vorpommern – what could be more beautiful and more obvious than fishing? The inland and coastal waters of Vorpommern offer ideal conditions for hobby and sport anglers.

In harmony with nature, you can unwind and land big fish during a fishing vacation in Western Pomerania. Relax while casting your rod into the Baltic Sea, the Szczecin Lagoon or the Peene River. A species-rich fish variety makes the heart of every hobby and sport angler beat faster. Whether herring, horn fish, pike perch, plaice or trout – everyone gets his money's worth here. In the fishing El Dorado of Vorpommern you can indulge in your hobby. On your own tour or with the insider tips of the local professionals – experience the peace and serenity of nature yourself. If you like it a bit rougher, go on a big deep-sea tour: Baltic Sea fishing in the early morning hours guarantees the best catch for beginners and advanced anglers.

The tourist fishing license

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, "vacation anglers" have had the opportunity to apply for a temporary tourist fishing license since 2005. This is subject to a fee and is valid for a period of 28 days for all inland and coastal waters of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The license is issued by the local regulatory authorities. In the meantime, these have also included other issuing points such as tourist information offices, spa administrations, fishing companies and campsite operators in the issuing process. You can find more information about the tourist fishing license and the corresponding application documents under the link in the adjacent info box.

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Pike, herring, perch and zander...... Your Petri heil

Baltic Sea Resort GmbH

Baltic Sea Resort GmbH

Fischfang. Erleben. Der Nebel lichtet sich, die Sonne erhebt sich zum Himmel, Boote werden angelassen. Es ist genau die richtige Zeit, sich auf den Weg zu machen.
List of waters of the Landesangelverband M-V

The list of waters of the National Angling Association is always updated and at the moment is 01 January 2015.

Tourist fishing licenses can get here



Accommodation service, souvenir sales, ticket service and best advice - the Greifswald information is the best address in the University and Hanseatic city (not only for tourists).
The Greifswald information is located in the heart of the historic city of Greifswald, directly on the historic marketplace.The staff welcomes you in the University and Hanseatic city and advises you on accommodation and leisure activities.Here you...


from 14.07.2024 to 31.10.2024

Greifswald Old Town Tour

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Embedded in unaffected nature, in front of the beautiful island Usedom, there is Marina Kröslin, the only 5-star yacht harbour in the region. The modern harbour offers a number of attractive possibilities, that make your visit an unforgettable experience.
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The Anklam-Information provides tourists and guests all Information to the topics holiday in the Hanseatic city of Anklam, vacation by and on the Peene, Otto-Lilienthal-Museum, museum in the stone gate, european route of brick Gothic and also events on the island Usedom.
The Anklam information can be found in a brightly decorated room in the Town Hall of the Hanseatic City of Anklam. The core task of Anklam-Information is to be a service provider for the tourists and guests. Besides the marketing of Anklam and the...

Tourist Information Mönkebude

Are you up for a holiday at the Baltic Sea region 'Am Stettiner Haff' (at the Szczecin Lagoon)? We invite you in our small, romantic fishermen's village with a small, fine sandy beach, yacht harbour, motorhome pitch. An ideal place for families with children, and nature lovers.
Many people have that special place where they can lean back and think about themselves, their families or life in general. Maybe you will find yours right here on the beach, the harbor or the heat looking out across the sea, observing the cranes,...

Tourist Information Ueckermünde

Guided bike and hiking tours, city tours, accommodation service, information for bike repair shops and bike rental, sale of tourist fishing permits and fishing licence cards.
Notice and disposal ofbike touring mapscity mapshiking mapstrain and bus offersship and ferry offerstourist fishing permits and fishing licence cards for the coastal watersinfos about events and sights

Spa administration ´seaside resort`

The seaside resort Lubmin is an insider tip at the Greifswalder Bodden, no matter what season. Directly between pines, dunes and the shallow water area the seaside resort offers a child-friendly beach, pure nature and a pleasant holiday.
The rebuilt cycling and hiking tracks along the Lubminer Heide promise many diverse hiking, jogging and horseback riding tours, into the neighboring villages and the surrounding regions of Western Pomerania.The seaside resort also has a wide variety...