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Sailing on the Baltic Sea

Go on sailing trips in the sailing area of Vorpommern, explore natural harbours and marinas and experience unforgettable landscapes and encounters on land. Here on the Baltic Sea coast you can sail and co-sail in a totally relaxed and safe way.

Sail and land in a cosy harbour

There are fantastic sailing areas along the Baltic Sea - including in Vorpommern. Raise the sails and discover the southern Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern from the water side during your holidays. You can either sail on board or enjoy a chartered boat as an experienced sailor - let yourself drift with the sailing offers or make new records on your own trips. Discover the islands of Rügen, Hiddensee and Usedom, the Barth, Stralsund and Greifswald bays or sail up the Peene river and the Achterwasser and enjoy the hospitality on historical estates, in manors, at fish markets, in restaurants and real harbour taverns.

By the way, you can also easily explore the entire southern Baltic Sea from here!

There is a wide and varied choice of harbours. You can choose from small, idyllic natural harbours, quietly located and far away from any tourist crowds, or certified luxury marinas with a wide range of services for your sailing yacht and sophisticated gastronomy. It' s up to you to decide whether you want to relax or enjoy the action.
For those who want to get off the boat, there are also various possibilities. The piers in the Hanseatic towns of Greifswald, Stralsund, Anklam or Wolgast are usually only a few minutes' walk from the heart of town. And the national park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft as well as the nature parks Flusslandschaft Peenetal and Am Stettiner Haff provide a paradise for experiencing nature, and not just for birdwatchers.

Sailing and co-sailing on the Baltic Sea

You have all options, whether you want to sail as an experienced skipper, learn the sailor's skills or just get a taste of the sea air on a sailing trip during your holiday. In many harbours in Vorpommern you can board and sail actively on historic traditional sailboats such as the sail training ship "Greif", the former flat-bottomed boat "Weisse Düne" or a traditional Zeesboat on the Szczecin Lagoon. Here you can learn the first nautical skills, whether in theory or during a sailing tour, so that you will one day be able to sail your own boat and go on a great voyage. One thing in advance: The nautical knot tying is not intended to spin a sailor's yarn.

Depending on how ready you feel for the sea, you can sail a day trip, a weekend trip, a multi-day trip or take part in annual regattas and events such as the Hansesail in Rostock. You can choose between a cabin charter on a white yacht to sail along with the whole family or active sailing through the tides of the Baltic Sea in all weathers. Clothing suitable for the weather and a warm meal are provided on board.

The Baltic Sea region between Rügen and the Szczecin Lagoon has plenty of opportunities for inexperienced sailors and those who want to become skippers on their own sailing boats. Sailing schools offer a wide range of activities, not only for traditional sailing. Also kayaking tours, kite surfing or other water sports are becoming more and more popular. In some sailing schools you can rent the necessary equipment on the spot and thus test out other water activities.


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Visit the idyllically located sailing, surfing and recreational craft school in Greifswald. Come profit from our knowledge and wide variety of courses for guests of every age. Guided kayak tours and boat rental are also part of the offers.
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Sailing area Vorpommern

Harbours and marinas


Harbour of Lauterbach

Lauterbach municipal harbour is located on the Rügen Bay in the south-east of the island of Rügen. With the narrow-gauge railway " Racing Roland" at the Lauterbach pier, it is an ideal starting point for excursions across the island. Restaurants and cafés offer a wide range of culinary delights.
This is the first seaside resort on the island of Rügen and is now a district of the former royal seat of Putbus. The distance to the town of Putbus, with its classicist town centre worth seeing and its large landscape park, is about 2 km.  Guests...

Wassersportzentrum Dänholm Nord e.V. (water sports centre)

Stralsund’s water sports centre is in Dänholm, a small island in the Strelasund between Stralsund and Rügen Island, directly by the Ziegelgraben bridge. Here, boaters and non-boaters will find a large sailing and motorboat harbour with a small bistro and stunning views of Stralsund’s skyline.
Stralsund’s water sports centre is in Dänholm, a small island in the Strelasund between Stralsund and Rügen Island, directly by the Ziegelgraben bridge and below the new Rügen bridge.Here, boaters and non-boaters will find a large sailing and...

Citymarina Stralsund (Nordmole)

Citymarina Stralsund (Nordmole)

Hafen Dänholm-Süd

Hafen Dänholm-Süd

Marina new yard

The Marina Neuhof: Your berth in the sun. In our idyllic, modern sports boat harbor you will find what you want: sports, recreation, nature, service around your boat.

Harbour Stahlbrode

The port of Stahlbrode is located on the west bank of the Strelasund. The harbour has two harbour basins with over 60 berths. The facilities of the northern harbour were modernised in 1997. A car ferry connects the mainland with the island of Rügen (ferry Stahlbrode - Glewitz)
The small fishing village of Stahlbrode offers a variety of attractions for its visitors. Let your soul dangle in untouched nature and enjoy the fresh sea air - sunbathing on the small natural beach or simply experience the maritime flair of the...

Greifswald Museum Harbour

Gaff ketch and schooner, seaquat and ramship, cruiser and kragejolle - about 45 old ships characterise the image of the museum harbour in Greifswald, which was founded in 1991 following the example of the museum harbours in Flensburg and Hamburg. With this, the Hanseatic townspeople reacted to the increased interest in historic ships and traditional seamanship.
As part of the old city harbour, the museum harbour extends from the Steinbecker Bridge to the old grain silo and characterises the maritime flair of the Hanseatic city. The oldest ship that visitors can admire in the museum harbour is the Zeesboot...

Marina Greifswald on the Ryck

... in the middle of the Hanseatic City of Greifswald. A modern, well-equipped marina with comprehensive services is a matter of course. But a marina in the heart of a historic old town is unique. Because our Marina Yachtzentrum is ideally located on the River Ryck in the heart of Greifswald. Whether restaurant, theater, museum, cinema, shopping or doctor: from your berth you can reach everything within a few minutes' walk.
The marina is located in the heart of Greifswald on the River Ryck. Thanks to its central location, the theater, museum, cinema, restaurants, doctors and stores are all within a few minutes' walk of the berth.The marina has jetties with 230 berths...

Greifswald-Wieck sailing and yacht harbour

The Greifswald-Wieck sailing and yacht harbour has berths for sailing ships and passenger vessels.
At the mouth of the Ryck into the Dänische Wieck is the former fishing village of Wieck, which has a sailing and yacht harbour with berths for sailing and passenger ships. The harbour office and a guest pension are located directly on the north bank...

Marina Lubmin

Marina Lubmin
Lubmin Marina is located on the Greifswalder Bodden between the mouth of the Peene River and Greifswald. The harbour offers direct access to a very popular sailing area, as the islands of Rügen and Usedom are easily accessible from there. But Poland...


Embedded in unaffected nature, in front of the beautiful island Usedom, there is Marina Kröslin, the only 5-star yacht harbour in the region. The modern harbour offers a number of attractive possibilities, that make your visit an unforgettable experience.
The Marina Kröslin- more than just a harbourNo matter where the jouney should go, whether a sailing trip, a fishing trip, a family vacation or in search of recreation - In the Marina Kröslin, your dreams can come true.It is the optimal home port for...

City Harbour Wolgast

The city harbour of Wolgast spreads an impressive maritime flair and is part of the "Route of the North German Romanticism." . Passenger ships set off on excursions into the backwater and to the Bay of Greifswald. The sailing ship "Weisse Düne" invites guests for a trip. A sensational view to the Petrikirche and the city centre is offered to the viewer. The imposing bascule bridge to the island of Usedom and the Peene shipyard characterise the town on the Peene river.
The city harbour Wolgast is the departure point for the classic harbour tours, boat trips on the Achterwasser or the Peene river. This is also where the leisure captains with their houseboats and sailing yachts are moored. With about 100 calls per...

Schlossinselmarina Wolgast

Schlossinselmarina Wolgast
Der Yachthafen Wolgast der Schiffswerft Horn liegt in unmittelbarer Stadtnähe, nördlich der Wolgaster Brücke in der Spitzenhörner Bucht. Die Anlage bietet 40 Liegeplätze, Wasser- und Stromversorgung, aber auch Sanitäranlagen und Waschautomaten sind...

Natural Harbor Krummin

The natural harbor lies north of the island Usedom.
The harbor is a popular landing spot for sailors and water sport enthusiasts looking for nature and peace. Canoe trips, house boat holidays and yacht charters are offered. On-side there are a barbecue area, a bicycle rental, 150 berths, water and...

Harbour Lassan

Take a stroll at the old harbour in one of Germany's smallest towns.
In the east side of Vorpommern, vis-à-vis to the island Usedom and directly at the Peenestrom, the old town of  Lassan is located, midst the appealing landscape between gently rolling hills and wide fields. The town is not a typical tourist...

Anklam Water Resting Area

This modern water resting area is located in the Hanseatic city of Anklam directly on the Peene river.
Anklam is geographically located between the water hiking rest areas of Stolpe (12 km away) and Kamp (15 km away) and forms an ideal complement to the water hiking route along the Peene. The Hanseatic town of Anklam offers a partially historic old...

Kamp water resting area

The Kamp resting area is located in a tranquil fishing village.
The Kamp harbour offers water walkers a place in the harbour to take a break, to spend the night, nature lovers a natural environment and cyclists and tourists. In Kamp there are camping facilities, a bathing area and a snack bar.  If you like, you...

Mönkebude Marina

Mönkebude marina is a modern marina with about 90 permanent and guest berths. It is on the south side of the small lagoon where it is sheltered from the wind.
Mönkebude marina is the jewel of the fishing village on the small Stettin Lagoon. Its extensive modern facilities earned it the “gelbe Welle” and three “blaue Sterne” certifications. It has 90 berths of 2.2 metres depth. The marina offers a boat and...

Marina “Lagunenstadt” Ueckermünde

Relaxation for the skipper and the crew in the largest marina on the southern Stettin Lagoon. We are here to help you have a relaxing stay. Ingo Wand and Matthias Wuttke, your harbour master team at the marina in the lagoon town of Ueckermünde.
Time for change - leave the daily grind behind and get out into nature! Welcome to the marina lagoon town of Ueckermünde. Here you can escape the hustle and bustle, relax and unwind – and enjoy the peace and quiet of the stunning coastal landscape of...

Stadthafen Ueckermünde

Der Stadthafen Ueckermünde ist der bedeutendste Hafen am Kleinen Haff. Der Stadthafen liegt am Fluss Uecker vor einer Klappbrücke und dem Abzweig des Köhnschen Kanals.
Sie befinden sich mitten in der historischen Altstadt. Ob der Weg zum Bäcker, zum Bummeln entlang der Hauptgeschäftsstraßen, das kulturelle Angebot oder der vielen Gaststätten mit Freisitzen – all dies ist für Sie mit wenigen Schritten vom Stadthafen...

Ueckermünde Town Harbour

The town harbour of Ueckermünde is the main harbour in the small lagoon (Kleines Haff). The town harbour is on the river Uecker next to a bascule bridge and the branch of the Köhnscher canal.
You are in the middle of the historic old town. Bakeries, the main shopping streets, the town’s cultural offerings and the many restaurants with outdoor seating – everything is only a few steps from the town harbour. There are toilets, showers and...

Going on land in Vorpommern

From relaxed sailing with a mild wind and sunshine to fun and thrilling sailing with gusts of wind at 45° to the water's surface - the weather decides how much fun your sailing trip will be. If you have a problem with the weather or if your crew starts to mutiny after days at sea, you can take a break from your sailing trip through the waters of the Baltic Sea. Put in a break in a harbour of Stralsund, Greifswald, Wolgast, Anklam or Ueckermünde. Here you can explore the region wonderfully both on foot and by bike.

For your bookmarks list:

  • University & Hanseatic City of Greifswald
  • Hanseatic City of Stralsund (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Krummin natural harbour
  • Lubmin seaside resort
  • Ueckermünde seaside resort


Your crew, no matter what age, can enjoy historical city centres on the Baltic Sea, characterised by numerous treasures of culture and architecture. In the Hansa town of Stralsund you can follow the traces of the Hanseatic League and see history come to life in buildings, museums and numerous sights. In the university and Hanseatic town of Greifswald you can familiarise yourself with and experience the sailing tradition. Here you can dock in Germany's largest museum harbour and explore Greifswald's old town, just a few minutes' walk away, on your own or on guided tours. From here you can also set sail for Wolgast, Demmin or Anklam. This sailing area offers a wide variety of things to see and do. In addition, it provides great starting points for excursions into the surrounding areas. Discover numerous estates and manor houses, spa oases and culinary attractions on the Baltic Sea. Activities and sights that cannot be experienced on a boat trip, yet are too far away for a walk, can be easily reached by bicycle or e-bike.

Nearby seaside resorts are also worth a visit. Ueckermünde as the tourist centre of the Szczecin Lagoon is close to nature and ideally suited for active recreation. Although this is the youngest seaside resort in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, it is equally interesting through its charmingly restored old town. Further away from the tourist crowds, in the seaside resort of Lubmin you can rest wonderfully on the five-kilometre-long, fine sandy beach, engage in activities in one of the sports facilities or saddle up on horses at the horseriding yard. Lubmin, with its famous seaside bridge, also offers a range of events such as concerts, beach feasts and opportunities to experience traditional handcrafts. Fishery is one example of such a tradition at the Baltic Sea. Seize the moment and chat with fishermen who know their fishing grounds in the Baltic Sea like the back of their hand. They will tell you which restaurants offer freshly caught fish or simply inform you about the weather. 

Well, that's enough chit-chat. Now it's time to set sail and cast off! All Hands On Deck - have fun! May you always have good wind and a hand's width of water under your keel!


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