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Sailing and co-sailing. Come aboard! Relax and take pleasure, participate in sailing activities or discover new coastlines with enchanting bays, white beaches and vibrant marinas.

All this can be experienced on our sailing trips. Sailing is, of course, dependent on wind and weather, which is what makes it so interesting. That's why you never know for sure what conditions you''ll encounter the next day. A trip in smooth waters or in raging waves. That is the sporting thrill of sailing. It doesn't matter whether you are a completely inexperienced "landlubber" or an "old hand at sailing", anyone can come aboard. An experienced skipper will instruct you in the operation of the yacht and will involve you in the steering of the ship. Within a short time, even newcomers will be able to hold the helm securely in their hands and feel the joy of active sailing.  
And then a holiday on the water without your own boat? We have the right boats or yachts, whether for the next fishing trip, a weekend or a complete holiday. Our sailing and motor yachts are fully equipped and satisfy every wish in terms of safety and comfort. Our experienced staff will be happy to provide you with trip suggestions, tips and tricks on water sports and more. We also offer day trips across the Greifswald Bay or on the Baltic Sea with an attractive framework programme. Feel free to ask us for help with the preparations. 
You have purchased a new yacht and would like to have an experienced skipper at your side for your first trips? It's been so long since your last boating holiday and you'd like some practical support during the first few hours? With us you can also book your individual one-to-one training.

Certified with: Yellow Wave and IMCI 5-Stars


23.05.2024 - 23.05.2024


Hafenstraße 9
Telephone: +49 38370 259990
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