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A Wedding at the beach

The most important day of your life is going to be the most beautiful. Let your dream of the beach wedding come true or celebrate romantically in a rural manor house. Vorpommern offers many possibilities for your perfect wedding.

The wedding is by far the most beautiful day of life. And your wedding should be the day that you and your guests always remember! Everything is possible in Vorpommern: marrying on the beach, the rural, rustic wedding in the castle tower, a stylish wedding ceremony on a ship. A very special day demands a very special place - fulfill your romantic dream. Arrange your wedding ceremony in castles or manor houses, celebrate your little private beach wedding, say "yes!" at a grand ceremony in the Ostsee Grand Hotel. From a small celebration to a wedding ball, in Vorpommern wedding dreams come true!

Ambience, the service in the castle, on the ship, in the hotel, on the estate are as elementary for the success of the wedding as the suitable accommodation for guests and newlyweds. You can also celebrate the golden wedding, the silver wedding or the second wedding at the Baltic Sea. We also want to make your most important day in your life your best. All important information about marriage in Vorpommern can be found here. You are getting married - everyone should see that and of course celebrate with you.


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