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The Tourism Association Vorpommern

The Tourism Association Vorpommern is one of the key institutions of economic development in the tourism sector in Vorpommern. We are working with tourism development and destination marketing of Vorpommern region. As an active player in tourism politics we provide support and advice in tourism-related issues.

The Tourism Association Vorpommern has currently nine employees. Here you will find the right person for your request. We are looking forward to helping you.

Press information about Vorpommern region in English language and possibilities for individual fam trips

European cooperation projects

The Tourism Association Vorpommern acts as Lead Partner and Project Partner in European Partnership projects funded by the European Union South Baltic programme 2014-2020.

South Baltic Manors

In 2018 the monitoring commitee of the South Baltic programme 2014-2020 approved the cooperation project "South Baltic Manors". The Tourism Association Vorpommern will act in this project as Lead Partner for the first time in a South Baltic cooperation. Manors are prominent testimonies of the changeful history of the South Baltic area and genuine "cross-border monuments" of the manifold cultural and political interrelations within the region. At the same time, they are sceneries for attractive and unusal tourism and cultural offers. "South Baltic Manors" seeks to use  this potential for tourism development in the rural parts of the South Baltic Area.The project will use the USP for South Baltic Manor tourism and will develop a joint brand and marketing strategy. Focal points are seven "South Baltic Manors entry points & history showcases" that are established by the project. The project will also create and promote new joint manor tourism offers for cross-border travellers as well as sub-regional trails and tools around manors that lead visitors from main South Baltic Area to the rural hinterlands. For further innovation and reinforcing touristic valorisations and utilisation of manors in the area, the project will initiate an intensive peer learning and exchange process. Together with the Tourism Association Vorpommern there will be 12 project partners from Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark and Sweden working on the project.

South Coast Baltic

"South Coast Baltic" is a three-year-follow-up project from the project MARRIAGE, which started in 2011 in promoting the South Baltic Area as an attractive boating destination. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg South Baltic programme 2014-2020. The Tourism Association Vorpommern is involved as one of 14 partners in the project, the Economic development corporation Vorpommern is Lead Partner of the project. With its participation in “South Coast Baltic”, the Tourism Association Vorpommern intensifies its efforts to promote boating tourism in Vorpommern, which has more than 50 marinas & harbours. Special focus & interest is on connecting boating with on-shore attractions & tourism offers and to access further foreign markets. The Tourism Association Vorpommern is responsible partner for providing info and inputs on Vorpommern for joint SCB promotion materials; representing Vorpommern at boating fairs; drafting a brochure on boating in Vorpommern in line with South Coast Baltic USP & marketing concept; supporting the Economic development corporation Vorpommern in the networking with boating tourism businesses & stakeholders in the region, incl. the joint organisation of events.


Fish markets

Along the South Baltic Sea coast line there are many beautiful places which are characteristic for the region: small coastal fishery harbours, a variety of fishing boats, active fishermen, smoke houses, historical remainings from a rich fishery heritage and traditions which have been dominant over centuries. Although these places are real treasures and almost "exotic" especially for tourists from the inlands, they are often ignored, unattended and not touristically utilised. The project “Fish markets” aims at valorisation of these significant potentials for further developing the South Baltic region into a sustainable tourism destination. To attract more tourists to the region, partners will set up several events and new services and offers, based on small coastal fishery, its heritage, products and traditions: e.g. fish markets, fish sales days or fish season events in spring and autumn, to prolong the tourism season. The Tourism Association Vorpommern is one of 11 partners in the project. The University of Greifswald acts as Lead Partner.