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Family vacation at the Baltic Sea

In Western Pomerania you can enjoy a perfect family vacation. Whether on the beach, at a campsite close to nature or along wild river landscapes - here between Rügen and Usedom families can relax and have fun. Here you will find accommodations very close to the sea or rather in the hinterland as well as quite a few possibilities to celebrate family time.

Why go to the Baltic Sea coast with the family?

Here in Western Pomerania you have endless possibilities for your vacation on the Baltic Sea with children. Especially with this type of vacation there are many wishes and demands that want to be taken into account. So it can happen that for one person it can't be enough action, while the others prefer to take it easy. The vacation region Vorpommern meets all these demands and offers many possibilities for young and old.

And that starts with the choice of accommodation. We have family-friendly accommodations, such as hotels, campsites, vacation apartments or vacation homes, such as the Floating Houses from Baltic Sea Resort® in Kröslin.

Camping vacation

Whether close to nature or comfortable, by the water, in the forest, on the beach, in a tent or in a bungalow - a wide range of camping and caravan sites in a family atmosphere awaits you on the coast of Western Pomerania. Being out in the fresh air all day long with the family and having fun, that connects and provides lasting impressions. If your stay is enriched with activities such as playing volleyball, canoeing or stand-up paddling, you will also do something for your fitness.

Water and sunbathing 

The bag for the beach day is packed: beach towels, sunscreen, beach shell, some provisions and drinks. After all, everything has to be thought of on a Baltic Sea vacation with kids and kids at heart. With the bicycles it goes with the children then toward Baltic Sea. On the extensive bike and hiking trails, the diverse nature of heath and forest areas, moors and flat sandy beaches can be wonderfully explored. With careful observation and a bit of luck, you might even come across a beaver lodge or two during the tour. 

One of the most popular beach destinations in Western Pomerania is the seaside resort of Lubmin. On the way there, a stopover in the fishing village of Freest is highly recommended. In the cozy village, by the way, you can take an exciting cutter trip across the Bodden and listen to local fishermen's stories.

Baltic Sea vacation with dog

The faithful companion in all situations, the Familinhund comesIf you also take the four-legged friend on vacation often with you. Suitable accommodation should be carefully selected in advance. You are also welcome on cycling or hiking tours with your four-legged friend. For this there are specially developed tours with dog. And if your darling should not be well, then you will find here a small selection of veterinary practices in Western Pomerania.

Baltic Sea family vacation

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The crowned Gustav shows where to go

Families can trust that

In Vorpommern, the hosts and holiday destinations awarded with the Gustav offer high-quality offers, colorful children's programs and family-friendly prices. So the holiday with the family will be even more fun! The golden crown of holiday king Gustav flashes as a seal of quality at facilities and in places where families are particularly welcome.

To achieve a Golden Gustav, the providers have to undergo a rigorous certification process in order to live up to the demand for the perfect holiday with children. Anyone traveling in facilities certified with Gustav can expect child- and family-friendly equipment, a good price-performance ratio and a family-oriented service. Of course, the providers have to prove again and again their suitability for the perfect holiday with children. So the certification process is repeated every three years. A perfect guarantee for the perfect Baltic Sea holiday with children.

Baltic Sea holiday with your dog

Here you can share the sandy beach with your dog. Tips for pet-friendly accommodation.

Camping in Western Pomerania

Camping as a family holiday on the Baltic Sea is not only cheap, but a real experience, especially for the little ones. Modern camping and caravan sites, close to little fishing villages or the vibrant Hanseatic towns on the Baltic coast and in the countryside, invite you to a holiday in a tent or campervan.

Greifswald Zoo
In the Greifswald zoo you can discover new things during all seasons of the year. Our park invites visitors, with its inhabitants and the natural history house with café. Zoo school, tours, children’s birthdays and family parties can be organized, if asked for. Opening hours: November - March: 09:00 am - 16:00 pm April and October: 09:00 am - 17:00 pm May - September 09:00 am – 18:00 pm
Zoo Ueckermünde
In the zoo of Ueckermünde numerous animals live in naturalistically created compounds. Several Areas can be entered by the visitors, for example the monkey forest, stag garden and the petting enclosure. For children the numerous playing opportunities are interesting. New: wolf area and lagoon aquarium.
Trips by bike

Take a look around and find your next bike tour at the German Baltic Sea. Or you can discover the Baltic Sea islands on exciting tours or alternatively the picture-perfect hinterland of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern during your vacation.

Family vacation Baltic Sea

Tips for young and old guests


Nature Discovery Park Gristow

Pristine trails, a lot of playgrounds and resting areas and different viewpoints, allowing a view across the Gristower Wieck at the Greifswalder Bodden, invite for a walk or picnic. At the petting zoo or during pony riding, children will come into contract with our four-legged friends.
The park lies close to the B105 between Greifswald and Stralsund and provides – thanks to its 70 ha of space and its diverse landscape – a great opportunity to relax and unwind.The park includes multiple outdoor enclosures with up to 300 animals. You...

Greifswald Zoo

In the Greifswald zoo you can discover new things during all seasons of the year. Our park invites visitors, with its inhabitants and the natural history house with café. Zoo school, tours, children’s birthdays and family parties can be organized, if asked for. Opening hours: November - March: 09:00 am - 16:00 pm April and October: 09:00 am - 17:00 pm May - September 09:00 am – 18:00 pm
An experience for all sensesOut indigenous zoological garden in Greifswald is really worth a visit, no matter what the season. Lovely and naturalistically decorated animal facilities allow a new and interesting insight in the fascinating world of...

Climbing fun in the nature

Relaxation outdoors - The eco-friendly, sustainable climbing forest offers fun for the whole family without any age restrictions. The surrounding safety system prevents unintentional unsecuring in a technically reliable way.
This climbing forest in Greifswald is an attractive leisure area for the whole family. Especially for children of pre-school and primary school age, climbing is an extraordinary opportunity for learning and great fun. There are no age restrictions so...

Waterpark Greifswald

The waterpark is located in the university- and hanseatic town Greifswald. The modern bath and recreation area offers mainly family friendliness and a versatile bathing complex.
Bathing complexBesides a 25-meter sports- and diving pool with a 3-meter tower, the swimming pool offers a state-of-the-art “Variobecken” with handicapped accessible facilities and a lifting platform for different water depths. A 40-metre water...

Sailing School Greifswald

Visit the idyllically located sailing, surfing and recreational craft school in Greifswald. Come profit from our knowledge and wide variety of courses for guests of every age. Guided kayak tours and boat rental are also part of the offers.
At our place you can learn sailing, surfing and driving the recreational craft in one of the most beautiful surf and sailing areas of Germany. You will find our optimally equipped school in Greifswald/Wieck, a placid fishermen’s village, directly at...

Seaside Resort of Lubmin

The peaceful seaside resort of Lubmin with its 350 m long pier, a wide child-friendly sandy beach and picturesque and quaint pine forests is perfect for a family holiday. Lubmin is one of the stations of the "Route of North German Romanticism".
As a holiday destination, not just in the summer, Lubmin is a true insider tip. The resort’s five-kilometre beach with firm, fine sand and shallow water is ideal for a family holiday with small children. The pine forest behind the beach keeps the...

Kanuhof Spandowerhagen

Our canoe stop is located at the Spandowerhager Wiek, a small bay of the Greifswalder Bodden.Besides the rental of high-quality kayaks and Canadian canoes, we offer individual tours, guided daytrips or multi-day tours for groups. Our radius of action is the Peenstrom, Peene, Trebel and Tollense and the island Usedom and Rügen.
The fishing village Spandowerhagen is located between Greifswald and Wolgast at the eponymous Wiek. Since 1995 the canoe stop offers from this place individual and guided tours along the low watersides or the Peene estuary or the Peenestrom. The...

Zoo Wolgast

The Wolgast Zoo has a natural character. Guests experience a cross-section of the earth's animal world here in enclosures that are designed to be close to nature and some of which are accessible. There are various play areas and petting enclosures for children. The zoo is mostly barrier-free and has a restaurant.
Opening hours:May to September  daily from   9:00 am – 6:00 pmOctober                                   09:30 am – 4:30 pmNovember to April                    10:00 am – 4:00 pmJanuary                                   the last 3 weeks closed Admissi...


from 29.05.2024 to 29.05.2024

World Otter Day

Information, feeding by guests, competitions
from 08.06.2024 to 08.06.2024

Klecks the clown awaits our little ones

Clown Klecks awaits our little ones, bouncy castle, pony rides, face painting
from 15.06.2024 to 15.06.2024

"Prairie Dog Awakening"

"Prairie Dog Awakening" information stand, guided tours, competition
from 14.07.2024 to 14.07.2024

Big zoo festival

Big zoo festival including puppet show "Peter and the Wolf", pirate show, pig on a spit...
from 10.08.2024 to 10.08.2024

Special event at the old Bärenburg

Reading with Marco Bahr, "the rabbit in a frenzy"
from 18.08.2024 to 18.08.2024

Seniors' afternoon

"Music and snacks from the Waterkant" with coffee and cake
from 02.11.2024 to 02.11.2024


Count Dracula guides you through the zoo

Postel Wolgast

In May 2014 the former post building in Wolgast – built in 1884 – was converted into a unique accommodation. With room for up to 68 visitors, the “Postel” is a popular destination for cyclists, small and big families, groups, sailors, surfer, nature enthusiasts, clubs and bands.

Ackerbürgerei Lassan

In the historic city of Lassan, close to the harbour, you will find the Àckerbürgerei.We offer friendly rooms and apartments for small and large families, a holiday cottage and a tiny restaurant with snazzy regional and vegetarian dishes. All located around a closed garden property.
The special feature of the Ackbürgerei is the large, lively designed garden with cats, rabbits, running ducks and turtles, which invites you to rest, relax, play and enjoy the family atmosphere.In the dining room or on the terrace we serve you...

Canoe Rental Menzlin

Welcome to the Vikings in the Valley of the Beavers, it says at canoe and raft rental in Menzlin near Anklam. Tours such as the Peene Tour or the Beaver Discovery Tour take guests to the Peene, also known as the Amazon of the North for its originality and the surrounding pristine river landscape - the last of its kind in Europe.
Menzlin is an early-historic sea trading center of the Vikings that left graves in Menzlin. These can be discovered during the guided tour to the former trading venue of the Vikings. At the canoe station also starts a 3.5 km long nature trail, where...


The Aeronauticon, a museum park for watching, playing and learning at Anklam airfield, deals with everything that can fly - from a seed ta high-tech aircraft.
Exterior area of the Otto Lilienthal Museum - The theme of "flying" is being implemented in a playful way for families with children in the Aeronauticon on the Anklamer airfield. In the cockpit, the little ones can test the seats, make their own...

House Wildtierland – Hostel Gehren

House Wildtierland – Hostel Gehren is conveniently located to the Wildlife Park
House “Wildtierland” is the perfect starting point for a walk or bike ride into the nature. The modern 3 star Hostel is located midst the unique landscape of the “Brohmer hills” and conveniently located to the Wildlife Park. No matter what you are...

Ukranenland - Historical Workshops

The outdoor museum 'Ukranenland' is openend daily from 10am-5pm from May to October. It is the reconstruction of a Slavic settlement of the 9th/10th century on the 'Ueckerwiesen' at the edge of town.
The northwest Slavic 'Ukranen' settled the 'Ueckerniederungen' from the lower 'Oder' up to the 'Zarow' and from the 'Oderhaff' to the 'Schorfheide'. Our 'Kirchheide' shows the erstwhile life, work and rites of the 'Ukranen' as it was constructed with...

Heidebad Torgelow

„Heidebad Torgelow“ is a headed outdoor swimming pool with the longest water slide in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
The Spa Torgelow was built in 1996. The headed outdoor swimming pool has the longest water slide in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, with 55 m. In addition to that there are 4 starting blocks, a children’s pool with a waterslide, a sunbathing area with...

Zoo Ueckermünde

In the zoo of Ueckermünde numerous animals live in naturalistically created compounds. Several Areas can be entered by the visitors, for example the monkey forest, stag garden and the petting enclosure. For children the numerous playing opportunities are interesting. New: wolf area and lagoon aquarium.
The zoo of Ueckermünde shows animals from all continents. Beside domestic pets and wild animals various monkey species, big cats, exotic birds, llamas and many other animals can be observed. Nearly all animals are sheltered in naturalistically...

Hotel & Holiday Resort Haffhus in the seaside resort Ueckermünde

Hotel and vacation complex with 76 rooms in three thatched apartment houses directly on the Szczecin Lagoon in the seaside resort of Ueckermünde. The holiday complex is completely self-sufficient and energy-neutral. Certified as sustainable for its innovative energy concept and digitization.
In the apartment houses you can stay from a double room to a maisonette apartment from one to a maximum of 6 people in different categories. Most of the rooms have a balcony or terrace and are facing the lagoon. Not only from the rooms but also from...