Canoe Rental Menzlin

Welcome to the Vikings in the Valley of the Beavers, it says at canoe and raft rental in Menzlin near Anklam. Tours such as the Peene Tour or the Beaver Discovery Tour take guests to the Peene, also known as the Amazon of the North for its originality and the surrounding pristine river landscape - the last of its kind in Europe.

Menzlin is an early-historic sea trading center of the Vikings that left graves in Menzlin. These can be discovered during the guided tour to the former trading venue of the Vikings. At the canoe station also starts a 3.5 km long nature trail, where there are three five-meter high observation towers. From there, guests enjoy an impressive view of the renaturation areas next to the Peene. The former pasture and meadow areas were flooded, so the former bog areas can develop again.
We offer canoe tours and rafting on the Peene, as well as guided tours of the Alter Lager and the Peenetal Menzlin. Our diner in unspoiled nature is open every day.


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