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Canoe and kayak tours in Vorpommern

Five rivers, wild bays and quiet lagoon waters - the maritime landscape of Vorpommern offers the best conditions for paddling tours of all kinds.

Varied river courses run through the natural landscape of Vorpommern and offer the best conditions for water hiking. Whether individually or on guided tours, by kayak or canoe - paddle tours in Vorpommern are especially suitable for families and canoeists, because in the waters of Vorpommern the boats are easy to handle.

The Recknitz, which forms the historical border between Mecklenburg and Vorpommern, the Peene, known as the "Amazon of the North", the idyllic Trebel and the small Tollense, both of which flow into the Peene, the Uecker, which winds through the nature park Am Stettiner Haff, and the 20 km long Peene River, which connects the Szczecin Lagoon with the Bay of Greifswald - ideal waters for maritime coastal experiences.



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