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Feel the Baltic Sea sand under your feet

Vorpommern shines with fantastic, fine-grained and long sandy beaches. The unique coast promises recovery and rest at a high degree.

Shallow entrances into the water, moderate waves, sand and shells delight the little ones and the grown-ups can sit back and relax. The look of the sandy beaches in Vorpommern is mainly determined by Strandkörben (traditional Baltic beach chairs), sand dunes and satisfied vacationers - a peaceful togetherness at the Baltic Sea beach, which is brightened up by happy children laughs.

At some natural beaches one has to step over seagrass. That's the way it is, if nature is allowed to do what it wants. It must be the same, if you want to experience nature and not conquer it. Elsewhere, things really get going, for example at the surf hot spots in Vorpommern, where the beach community meets and strangers become friends within a very short time.

Beaches by the sea, shores by rivers and lakes - all over the country, sand and meadows invite you to linger by the water. Relax in Vorpommern and enjoy a beach holiday as you like it. We will tell you more about the most beautiful beaches and swimming areas in Vorpommern.


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Seaside resort Lubmin

Beach holiday for the whole family at the lagoon of the Baltic Sea with many activity offers.

Wonderful sandy beaches, various leisure activities for young and old.

Seaside resort Ueckermünde

Sandy beach and playground for the whole family.

The Bay of Greifswald

Nice beaches and perfect conditions for water sports activities like SUP, Wind- and Kitesurfing.

Resort Mönkebude

Family holiday on the Szczecin Lagoon - Here you can leave everyday life behind and find time for yourself and your family.

Relaxed beach visits and walks with the dog.

Beaches in Vorpommern


Natural beach Wampen

You can reach the natural beach Wampen over Neuenkirchen by Greifswald. It’s a 500 meter walk from the parking spaces. The meadow is perfect for a family picnic. There are no bathrooms at the beach.

Ludwigsburg Natural Beach

Ludwigsburg beach is a popular destination for holidaymakers and locals. On hot summer days you can relax in a shady spot under the pine trees of the coastal forest or enjoy the rustic food and drink in a local inn. The homemade cakes are highly recommended.Kiters and surfers will love the beach and the shallow water of the Danish Wiek and the Bay of Greifswald.
The beach is located some 3 kilometres outside the village, directly on the Danish Wieck. It is easy to reach by bike via a quiet road, a section of the Baltic coast cycle path. The secure car park costs two euros per day. The beach is very pretty,...

Gahlkow Beach

The beach in Gahlkow is a popular kite and surf spot at the Greifswald Bay. A popular starting point for windsurfers is the beach in Gahlkow near the cottage settlement. Here you will also find a beautiful spacious natural beach with a narrow strip of sand. The restaurant "Boddenblick" is only 200 meters away (no public toilet). At the beach there is a small shady parking lot.

Natural Beach Vierow

Not far from the small industrial port of Vierow and about 2 km from the village of Vierow, you can reach the natural beach Vierow on a hiking and cycling path. Lined by small and large stones and protected by a cliff about 1 to 3 meters high, the southern coast of Rügen with Zudar and peninsula Mönchgut in sight. Already Caspar-David Friedrich looked from here to the island of Rügen and drew “Fischerboote am Strand”.
If you feel like chicken gods, fossilized witnesses of yesteryear and of course amber, you can stroll the 3 kilometers along the natural beach from the seaside resort of Lubmin in the direction of Vierow harbor or upside down. It's a circuit if you...

Seaside Resort of Lubmin

The peaceful seaside resort of Lubmin with its 350 m long pier, a wide child-friendly sandy beach and picturesque and quaint pine forests is perfect for a family holiday. Lubmin is one of the stations of the "Route of North German Romanticism".
As a holiday destination, not just in the summer, Lubmin is a true insider tip. The resort’s five-kilometre beach with firm, fine sand and shallow water is ideal for a family holiday with small children. The pine forest behind the beach keeps the...

Wheelchair camp at the Lubmin beach

The establishment offers handicapped accessible changing rooms, lockers and an accessible bathroom. The tent gives people in a wheelchair a private place to change.
This offer wants to eliminate barriers. The establishment offers handicapped accessible changing rooms, lockers and an accessible bathroom. The tent gives people in a wheelchair a private place to change. The tent can be reached by wheelchair thanks...

Beach Freest

The beach is perfectly suited for a sunbath, has a child-friendly shore and a small playground. Dogs are not allowed.
The village Freest is located on the mainland. It is 10 kilometres to the north of Wolgast, near by the Peene. The view from the beach to the estuary and to the opposite Peenemünde is a pleasure. The beach is perfectly suited for a sunbath, has a...

Bathing Beach Mönkebude

Small but beautiful. The state-approved resort Mönkebude with its long shallow beach, an adventure playground and well-developed cycling and hiking trails provides wonderful conditions for a holiday on the Szczecin Lagoon.
The state-approved resort Mönkebude with its long shallow beach, an adventure playground and a well-developed cycling and hiking trail network offers everything that is part of an unforgettable holiday.Mönkebude is located on the southwestern shore...

Grambin Beach

Not far from the resort Mönkebude, in Grambin, is the beach of the camping park "Oderhaff". Toilet access, cold drinks and ice cream are available on request in the campsite. The beach access, parking and sanitary facilities are available to the public. On the beach there is a large children's playground and a lot of meadow between the extensive sandy beach. The small bay in the reed belt is very idyllic and ideal for a beach day.

Ueckermünde's path to the Beach

The beach of Ueckermünde is about 2 km from the old town. There is a paved path only for cyclists and pedestrians through the nature directly to the beach.
Who guesses the fairy-tale characters?If you are on the way to the beach and use our beautiful beach path, carvings will catch your eye right behind the historic bascule bridge. Instead of cutting down the trees and planting new ones, tree trunks...

Bellin Beach

The beach has a lot to offer. For a daily fee of two euros, including the use of the toilet and shower, you can relax on the idyllic sandy beach surrounded by reeds.
For active ones surfing and sailing courses are offered. The area is particularly suitable for surfers, as the Bodden is very shallow up to 300 meters. Sailboats, surfboards, dinghies and canoes can be borrowed. For the physical well-being in the...