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Time for regional specialities

Historical, maritime flair characterises the holiday region Vorpommern. Hanseatic towns and historic brick buildings still tell of the times of town foundations, orders of knights and pirates. Along the coast, from the Bay of Greifswald to the Szczecin Lagoon, there are charming fishing villages and harbours with a heart. At the same time Vorpommern is the home of romanticism. All this makes Vorpommern an ideal destination for a cultural holiday on the Baltic Sea.

Fisheries in Vorpommern

Vorpommern is not only home to Hanseatic towns. Traditional fishing villages with lively harbours, genuine coastal originals and freshly caught fish attract visitors to the coast of the bays and lagoons. Local museums tell stories of villages and regional celebrities such as the fishing carpets of Freest.

Romanticism in Vorpommern

Vorpommern is considered the place of work and source of inspiration of Caspar David Friedrich and his artist friends, who made the region at the Bay of Greifswald the home of the Romantic period. On the Route of North German Romanticism between Greifswald and Wolgast you will discover cultural treasures and famous motifs such as the Ruins of Eldena Abbey.

Tradition and customs

Whether maritime crafts, regional architecture, original sailing boats or family celebrations. In Vorpommern you can experience cultural highlights, traditions and customs of the Baltic Sea coast every season. Numerous local history rooms, museums and exhibitions are waiting to be discovered. Also Kunst:Offen in Vorpommern is already a real tradition. Every year at whitsun many artists open their studios and look forward to your visit.

Castles and manor houses

A guest of Vorpommern's kings and dukes: In Vorpommern many castles, palaces and manor houses have survived the times. The historic secular buildings still tell stories of their old lordships today.





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Tradition & Customs

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Fisheries in Vorpommern

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