Bellin Beach

The beach has a lot to offer. For a daily fee of two euros, including the use of the toilet and shower, you can relax on the idyllic sandy beach surrounded by reeds.

For active ones surfing and sailing courses are offered. The area is particularly suitable for surfers, as the Bodden is very shallow up to 300 meters. Sailboats, surfboards, dinghies and canoes can be borrowed. For the physical well-being in the restaurant directly on the campsite is well taken care of. Cold drinks are available at the reception.
The bathing place is called "village beach" by locals, because it is located in the center of Bellin. The small sandy beach invites for a short break after a stressful day. A kiosk offers coffee, cake and ice cream. There is also a large children's playground. Around the beach are green areas. Trees cater for a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Dogs must be leashed.


Details at a glance

Badestrand Bellin

17373 Bellin