Ackerbürgerei Lassan

In the historic city of Lassan, close to the harbour, you will find the Àckerbürgerei.We offer friendly rooms and apartments for small and large families, a holiday cottage and a tiny restaurant with snazzy regional and vegetarian dishes. All located around a closed garden property.

The special feature of the Ackbürgerei is the large, lively designed garden with cats, rabbits, running ducks and turtles, which invites you to rest, relax, play and enjoy the family atmosphere.
In the dining room or on the terrace we serve you delicious breakfast or half board. From April to October we serve a la carte: in the afternoon you can choose between cakes, ice cream and waffles and in the evening you can order fresh salads and soups or vegetarian dishes, meat and fish. We have leased pasture land on the outskirts as the old farmers did it, too. There live our donkeys, a mule and a horsey as well as some goats and sheeps. It is no problem if you or your children want to accompany me in the morning to help me feed them, borrow the donkey for a walk or arrange a hike with our animals.

More offers: bike rentals, paddle boats, group room for 20 persons, sauna for 8 persons, massages and yoga.

Single Room incl. breakfast starting from 42 €. Double Room incl. breakfast starting from 52 €. Holiday apartment for 2 Persons starting from 48 € . Cottage for 4-6 people starting from 63 €, breakfast and half board can be booked separately.


Details at a glance


Lange Straße 55/57
17440 Lassan

Telephone: +49 (0)38374 5111
Fax: +49 (0)38374 5112