Ukranenland - Historical Workshops

The outdoor museum 'Ukranenland' is openend daily from 10am-5pm from May to October. It is the reconstruction of a Slavic settlement of the 9th/10th century on the 'Ueckerwiesen' at the edge of town.

The northwest Slavic 'Ukranen' settled the 'Ueckerniederungen' from the lower 'Oder' up to the 'Zarow' and from the 'Oderhaff' to the 'Schorfheide'. Our 'Kirchheide' shows the erstwhile life, work and rites of the 'Ukranen' as it was constructed with much diligence, endurance and historical knowledge by the members of the association 'Ukranenland - Historische Werkstätten e.V.'. Reconstructed  Slavic boats named 'Svantevit' and 'Svarog' invite to historical river navigations on the 'Uecker'. The forging of a kife blade, Slavic jewellery design out of pug and the historical playground with axe and stone throwing can be tried out. Yearly highlights are the Easter feast (Easter sunday and monday) and the museum feast (second weekend of August). Project days and school trips are also possible in the off season.


Details at a glance

Ukranenland - Historische Werkstätten e.V.

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