The Aeronauticon, a museum park for watching, playing and learning at Anklam airfield, deals with everything that can fly - from a seed ta high-tech aircraft.

Exterior area of the Otto Lilienthal Museum - The theme of "flying" is being implemented in a playful way for families with children in the Aeronauticon on the Anklamer airfield. In the cockpit, the little ones can test the seats, make their own planes or go for a spin on the playground. This impresses with extraordinary devices that are all related to flying. For example, there is a giant metal bird on which children can climb, or a giant wooden plane that invites to play, as well as a replica tower. Theme tours are offered throughout the year, where you can make flying objects amongst other things.

Admission free! The park includes a training building for about 40 people, a restaurant and a guesthouse.


Details at a glance

Aeronauticon des Otto-Lilienthal-Museums

Am Flugplatz 1
17389 Anklam

Telephone: +49 (0)3971 259987
Fax: +49 (0)3971 245580