Sailing School Greifswald

Visit the idyllically located sailing, surfing and recreational craft school in Greifswald. Come profit from our knowledge and wide variety of courses for guests of every age. Guided kayak tours and boat rental are also part of the offers.

At our place you can learn sailing, surfing and driving the recreational craft in one of the most beautiful surf and sailing areas of Germany. You will find our optimally equipped school in Greifswald/Wieck, a placid fishermen’s village, directly at the mouth of the Ryck at the Bodden of Greifswald.
The school itself is located in the former lido. Through this unique, peninsula-like location we have the enormous benefit that our yachts, motorboats and yawls are secured to their own docks as well as to moorings.
We have our own beach access for our surfers, opti sailers and beach catamarans at the Danish Wieck. This is a so called standing area, therefore especially pleasant and comfortable for all those who start from this point.
The entire Danish Wieck as well as the waters of the Bodden of Greifswald are very safe and protected all around due to its geographical location. The wind safety is enormous and the water warms up faster than anywhere else thanks to the minor depth.
Furthermore we offer guided kayak tours from April to October and you can rent our boats or the windsurf equipment.
Stand up paddeling boats are also recently available for rent.
Large groups are more than welcome as well. In fact there is a special price list for them.

Well…’Off into the water’!


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Segelschule Greifswald

Yachtweg 03
17493 Greifswald

Telephone: 03834 830541
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