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Public relations

The Tourism Asssociation Vorpommern will provide press information material in english language if requested. There is also the possibility for individual press trips in Vorpommern region for international journalists or travel blogger.

Press information material

If you want to have some general press information about Vorpommern region, we will provide press releases and a press kit in English language. If you are interested in one of our sub-regions (Strelasund, Trebel Valley & Bird Park Region Recknitz Valley; Seaside Resort Lubmin & Bay of Greifswald; University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald; Peene Valley & Peenestrom or Szczecin Lagoon) or in one of our project topics (tradition, romanticism, sailing in the south baltic, fishing villages & fishermen) please let us know and you will get some extra information with reference to you request.

Individual press trips

It's best to write about a place you have experienced yourself. We would like to offer this experience trough individual research trips for journalists and bloggers. There is usually a thematic focus or a specific subregion which is in the center of interest. Together we can create a diversified and exciting program for your time in Vorpommern.

Contact person

If you are interested in information material or want to know more about the possibilities of an individual fam trip, please get in contact with:


Sophie Werner

Public Relations & project manager

phone: +49 3834 891123