Watermill Hanshagen

Visit the listed Watermill Hanshagen built in 1524. Experience the history, enjoy the superb Environment, eat, celebrate and stay overnight or get married here! Start your trips to the Hanse town Greifswald and Stralsund or to the Islands of Usedom or Rügen.

Surrounded by meadows and woods the Watermill is located at the edge of the town of Hanshagen near Greifswald. It was established as a flour mill in 1524, continued being a paper mill from 1750 and changed back into a flour mill around 1850. It is regarded as the only German paper mill north of Berlin and the last Western Pomeranian Watermill. Besides the flour mill the millers also run a restaurant and a dance hall.  From 2010 to 2012 this historical concept was revived with the successful renovation of the Watermill and with a lot of attention to detail. (Picture 1)
The Watermill can be visited as a technical and historico-cultural memorial of a flour mill. The restaurant ‘Zur Wassermühle’ as well as 6 hotel rooms furnished in country style is situated in the residential building. The ballroom equipped with modern ventilation, lighting and communication technology is attached. This is why the Watermill Hanshagen is an excellent place to arrange wedding and jubilee parties, conventions and other events. (Pictures 2,3,4)
The Watermill puts itself forward for vacationers through its location at the woods - ideal for hikers and cyclists - as well as through its proximity to the university and Hanse town Greifswald, to the sun Island Usedom and German's biggest Island Rügen.


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Wassermühle Hanshagen

Mühlenblick 8
17509 Hanshagen



Watermill Hanshagen