Sail Training Ship Greif

In Wieck's harbour of the hansa town Greifswald you board the ship 'Greif' and then the trip to the Baltic Sea and the international harbours begins.

The ‚GREIF‘ is a ‚Schonerbrigg‘ and was built out of steel in Warnow’s shipyard in Rostock-Warnemünde in 1951. Under the name ‘Wilhelm Pieck’ the ship’s service began and accomplished training trips for young sailors until 1991.
After the political deflection the ship got completely reconstructed and the city of Greifswald became the owner. Now it sails with sailing lovers under the name ‘GREIF’ on the Baltic Sea and heads for the big international harbours.
A sail area of 570 sq m, allocated to 15 sails, allows a speed of up to 14 knots.
The ship is equipped according to the newest safety instructions and has the permit as a sail training ship / specialized ship and is navigated by an experienced skeleton crew, which is supported by the ‘Förderverein Rahsegler GREIF e.V.’.
From April to October sailing tours and day tours are offered. Whoever is searching for a very special adventure the ‘GREIF’ is the perfect place and can also spontaneously hire and inform themselves.
Welcome on board of the Schonerbrigg ‘GREIF’!


Details at a glance

Segelschulschiff Greif

Am Hafen 3
17493 Greifswald

Telephone: 03834 841424
Fax: 03834 841423