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Are you up for a holiday at the Baltic Sea region 'Am Stettiner Haff' (at the Szczecin Lagoon)? We invite you in our small, romantic fishermen's village with a small, fine sandy beach, yacht harbour, motorhome pitch. An ideal place for families with children, and nature lovers.

Many people have that special place where they can lean back and think about themselves, their families or life in general. Maybe you will find yours right here on the beach, the harbor or the heat looking out across the sea, observing the cranes, breathe in the fresh Baltic air, admire the outlines of the island of Usedom and listen to the soothing sounds of waves hitting the beach.

Welcome to Mönkebude! But there is more to offer than sea and nature. We worked tirelessly over the past years to transform the sleepy fishermen’s village into a holiday paradise. Though you might be unsuccessful finding a nightclub or go-kart track, we can offer well-developed cycling and hiking trails that let you experience the wonderful and diverse nature. More than 500 km cycling as well as 400 km hiking trail are waiting for you. Or you choose a sailing trip with Capt’n Alwin Harder out on the lagoon towards Usedom.

Local restaurants provide an affordable and rich cuisine including all kinds of freshly caught fish i.e. zander, perch or eel. You can watch the fishermen unload the fresh catch at the harbour of Mönkebude.

Due to the small size of Mönkebude everything still is very familiar. You are welcome to visit the tourist centre for help. 


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Touristinformation Mönkebude

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