The Anklam-Information provides tourists and guests all Information to the topics holiday in the Hanseatic city of Anklam, vacation by and on the Peene, Otto-Lilienthal-Museum, museum in the stone gate, european route of brick Gothic and also events on the island Usedom.

The Anklam information can be found in a brightly decorated room in the Town Hall of the Hanseatic City of Anklam. The core task of Anklam-Information is to be a service provider for the tourists and guests. Besides the marketing of Anklam and the surrounding region it is necessary to fulfill all requests and wishes of the visitors.

Offers of Anklam-Information

  • mediation of accommodations on-site or on the Internet
  • Arranging guided tours
  • Information about visits to the museum, the Nikolai Church and others
  • Information about tourists attractions in and around Anklam
  • ticket sales for theater and other cultural events
  • Selling tourist products (maps, souvenirs and others) on-site as well as in the onlineshop 


The staff of Anklam-information are looking forward to requests and wishes of tourists and guests and welcome you 



Details at a glance


Markt 3
17389 Anklam

Telephone: +49 3971 835154
Fax: +49 3971 835175