Zoo Ueckermünde

In the zoo of Ueckermünde numerous animals live in naturalistically created compounds. Several Areas can be entered by the visitors, for example the monkey forest, stag garden and the petting enclosure. For children the numerous playing opportunities are interesting. New: wolf area and lagoon aquarium.

The zoo of Ueckermünde shows animals from all continents. Beside domestic pets and wild animals various monkey species, big cats, exotic birds, llamas and many other animals can be observed. Nearly all animals are sheltered in naturalistically created compounds. Furthermore the animal park provides a view into the agricultural architecture. Numerous buildings are built in the traditional style of frame-work. In a frame-work barn old agricultural equipment can be admired. A post mill and a drawbridge are rounding off the historical field. New in the zoo: Lagoon aquarium with domestic fish as well as a wolf area with tunnel and castle grounds.


Details at a glance

Tierpark Ueckermünde

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17373 Ueckermünde

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