UCRA - the Pommernkogge

Since summer 2020, the "floating museum", UCRA - Die Pommernkogge, which also serves to teach history and youth work, has been sailing from Ueckermünde. History fans should not miss this unique highlight of the Uecker-Randow region.

After several years of construction, the ship was transported overland from the shipyard "Ukranenland - Historische Werkstätten" in Torgelow to the Szczecin Lagoon on 31 August 2014, anchored in the port of Ueckermünde and continued to be built there. On 17 October 2015, the time had come - the Pomeranian cog was officially named "UCRA".
After being approved as a traditional sailing vessel, the replica of the Hanseatic cog with a water displacement of 150 tons was inaugurated on 30 July 2020. 

The ship is owned by the town of Torgelow, which, in cooperation with many partners and sponsors, has put this unique project into practice over 18 years. The traditional sailing ship association "UCRA - Die Pommernkogge e.V." operates the cog.
Groups of children and young people in particular, as part of historical projects, but also adult sailors can set sail from Ueckermünde in the wake of the Hanseatic League on this 25-metre-long "floating museum" and learn about the Hanseatic era and maritime-historical cog-building techniques, as well as experience the sailing of the traditional ship as a temporary crew member. 

Tickets for tours with the UCRA on the Szczecin Lagoon are available at the Torgelow and Ueckermünde town information offices and directly on board, but also online.


Details at a glance

UCRA-die Pommernkogge

Altes Bollwerk 09
17373 Ueckermünde

Telephone: +49 39771 28484