Love Lantern Ueckermünde

Couples in love can attach a padlock with their name at the love lantern in the city harbor of Ueckermünde, .

As a symbol of their love, couples around the world hang small padlocks with their names on bridges, towers and railings. The love locks are a custom that is now usual all over the world. Since it has taken over in some cities in the meantime, it is even banned in some communities. But not in Ueckermünde! At the love lantern in the city harbor, all couples in love have the opportunity to legally attach a padlock with their name. The key is then thrown into the water, following the international tradition - so that the love may continue forever!


Details at a glance

Liebeslaterne Ueckermünde

Ueckerstraße/ Ecke Neues Bollwerk
17373 Ueckermünde