Watermill Lassan

Today a mill and local history museum is situated in the Lassan Watermill. Old craftsmanship from frame carpentry to baker's craft is exhibited in it.

This house exists since July 9, 1988 as a museum for the city of Lassan and its visitors. The building itself is known as a watermill since the 15th century and was in operation until 1930. Afterwards it was shifted to diesel engine propulsion and a few years later it was driven with an electromotor. Until 1976 this mill did its job namely for the former Agricultural Co-operative Production Society and from this point of time this house was nearly empty for 6 years. Only storerooms for the city existed in this building. 1982 interested citizens of Lassan got together to create a museum facility in cooperation with many businesses of Lassan, private individuals and the financial support of the former district council.


Details at a glance

Museum Lassaner Mühle

Mühlenstraße 2a
17440 Lassan

Telephone: +49 38374 80233