Gourmet Manufactory Gut Klepelshagen

The best meat from sustainable, certified organic farming, balanced ingredients, masterful processing and expert production - the meat and sausage specialties of Gourmet Manufaktur Gut Klepelshagen meet the highest standards.

The Klepelshagen estate is an ecological agricultural and forestry enterprise with more than 2000 hectares of land, of which more than 300 hectares are designated as nature reserves. The red deer, roe deer and wild boar live here as it corresponds to their nature: free in their natural habitats. The grazing cattle are kept with the very highest standards. There are no animal transports - slaughtering takes place exclusively on site.
In addition to fine cuts and steaks from Klepelshagen's organic pasture-raised beef, high-quality game meat is also processed seasonally. For quick gourmet cooking, a wide selection of "delicacies in a jar" is offered - from organic goulash to venison stew.
Acting sustainably and using available resources responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way are among the guidelines of Gourmet Manufaktur Gut Klepelshagen. The meat products are shipped climate-neutral in insulated packaging made of pure straw.



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Gourmet Manufaktur Gut Klepelshagen

Klepelshagen 4
17335 Strasburg

Telephone: +49 39753 25884
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