Original Bauerngarten Manufacture

Natural regional products! In our transparent production, you can observe our chef doing her work. On the basis of many her own recipes, she produces chutney, mustard, curd, pesto, aioli or fruit spread.

Discover the special culinary delight! Out of predominantly local cultivation, we prepare over 100 varieties of culinary delights for our guests. Our product range meets the needs of our clients. Our products can be combined with, cheese, meat, venison, poultry, fish, noodle, rice and dessert. We only use fresh and high quality ingredients. We forgo additional additives, like artificial flavors, flavor enhancers and colorings.

In the tasting room there are 55 seats; here we offer a tasting of our culinary delights. For tour groups we offer (advance booking required) coffee and self-made cake. Additionally we have also a gift service. How about a gift basket or a “Pommernbüdel”, stuffed full with regional specialties from local producers?

We wish you a joy of discovery in our Schaummanufaktur. Welcome!


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Original Bauerngarten Manufaktur

Dr. Allende Str. 35
17379 Ferdinandshof

Telephone: +49 (0)39778 28294
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