Pommerland herb garden

The Pommerland herb garden is located in Pulow in Vorpommern.

On an area of about three hectares, wild and cultivated herbs are grown, harvested and processed by hand, such as lemon balm, peppermint, lady's mantle, hyssop, elderberry, strawberries, currant bushes and damascus rose. These and other organic herbs are processed into 29 different large-leaf teas and 2 kinds of syrup and are available for sale in our small office shop or in our online shop.

Regular guided tours through the herb garden and tea production take place in summer. You can find the dates on our website.


Details at a glance

Kräutergarten Pommerland eG

Am Sonnenacker 3-5
17440 Lassan OT Pulow

Fax: +49 38374 809915