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German-Swedish history

From Berlin to Rügen: Experience over 170 years of German-Swedish history that cover approximately 700 km either from up close or in your imagination.

From the island of Rügen in the north, to Großbeeren in the south of Berlin, from Gadebusch in the west, to Peenemünde and Usedom in the east: the Schwedenstraße is a project to remember the almost 300 years of dominance of the Swedish kingdom in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The project includes important events, such as the Thirty Years' War, the rise and fall of Sweden as a great power, the rise of Prussia, the social changes in the 18th Century and the vibrations caused by the Napoleonic wars.

It consists of a coastal route, an eastern route and a western route. Major tourist attractions document the German-Swedish history during the period from 1615 to 1830. Embark on a journey through time and discover the former administrative centres and residences of the Pomeranian dukes.


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Places along the "Schwedenstraße"


Pomeranian State Museum

14,000 years of eventful history on the southern Baltic coast on both sides of the Oder are presented between the former Franciscan church and the city wall - in an award-winning ensemble of buildings that impressively combines Gothic, classicist and contemporary architecture. The valuable collection of paintings presents works by renowned painters such as Caspar David Friedrich, Frans Hals, Philipp Otto Runge, Max Liebermann, Max Pechstein and Vincent van Gogh.
Various exhibits paint a multifaceted picture of the development of Pomerania since the first hunters and gatherers. An impressive highlight is the unique 30 m2 Croy carpet, a testimony to the high culture at the court of the Griffins, the Pomeranian...


from 03.11.2024 to 08.12.2024

Caspar David Friedrich - Voices from the Sea of Fog

In the depot of the Saxon Picture Gallery, puppeteer Emil Geisselbrecht, who was banned from performing due to lèse majesté, fell in love with the forgotten paintings by Caspar David Friedrich that had been banned from exhibitions. He discovers...
from 21.06.2024 to 04.08.2024

Caspar David Friedrich. Lifelines

With six paintings, more than 60 drawings and prints as well as numerous archival documents and letters, the Pomeranian State Museum has one of the most extensive collections of original material from Caspar David Friedrich's life and work in the...
from 18.08.2024 to 06.10.2024

Caspar David Friedrich. Places of longing

The anniversary exhibition celebrating Caspar David Friedrich's birthday on September 5 will feature a real star guest: the masterpiece "Chalk Cliffs on Rügen". The world-famous painting, which is now at home in Winterthur, Switzerland, will be...
from 16.10.2024 to 05.01.2025

Caspar David Friedrich. Hometown

Caspar David Friedrich remained closely connected to Greifswald, the place of his birth, childhood and youth, throughout his life. One of the most impressive testimonies to this is the painting "Meadows near Greifswald", which is kept in Hamburg. In...

University of Greifswald

The University of Greifswald is one of the oldest universities in Europe. The baroque main building with the old faculties in the middle of the old town is a particularly popular destination for tourists.
Founded in 1456, the University of Greifswald is the second oldest in Northern Europe. It was founded on the initiative of the then mayor - and soon afterwards first rector - Heinrich Rubenow. Due to its long tradition, the University of Greifswald...

St. Nikolai Cathedral Greifswald

Greifswald Cathedral is one of the most beautiful sacred buildings in northern Germany. With its 100 m high tower, it towers over the Hanseatic City of Greifswald. From its tower gallery, you have an impressive view as far as the Island of Rügen.
The slender baroque onion dome with two lanterns replaced the Gothic spire in 1652. The University of Greifswald was opened in St. Nikolai in 1456. Today it is the venue for the Greifswald Bach Week.Protestant cathedral, first mentioned in a document...


from 26.07.2024 to 26.07.2024

Sea of Ice: Hope & SIGNUMs

250 years of Caspar David Friedrich - the whole country celebrates in summer 2024! The festival program also includes a world premiere. One of the most renowned composers of our time, Christian Jost, has been commissioned by the Festspiele MV and the...

St. Petri Church

St. Petri's Church is the former court church of the dukes of Pomerania-Wolgast.
The three-naved basilica from the 14th century was the court church of the dukes of Pomerania-Wolgast. It was built around 1350 in honor of the Apostle Petrus. Originally a pagan temple was said to have been erected at the same spot, which Otto von...