St. Petri Church

St. Petri's Church is the former court church of the dukes of Pomerania-Wolgast.

The three-naved basilica from the 14th century was the court church of the dukes of Pomerania-Wolgast. It was built around 1350 in honor of the Apostle Petrus. Originally a pagan temple was said to have been erected at the same spot, which Otto von Bamberg had destroyed during the Christianisation of Pomerania. Today, the remains of the last Pomeranian Dukes are buried in the crypt of St. Petri, and in the nave hangs a picture-gallery from the Middle Ages about the dance of the dead. There are 184 steps leading up to the tower of St. Peter's Church, which can be climbed when the church is open. From the top there is a wonderful panoramic view over the city of Wolgast to the island of Usedom.


Details at a glance

St. Petri Kirche

Am Kirchplatz 4
17438 Wolgast

Telephone: +49 3836 202269