Skutsje "Twee Gebroeders" - Sailing tours

The crew of the "Twee Gebroeders" invites you to culinary delights under sail with regional specialties. On a small Frisian cargo sailer from 1901, guests can unwind in a relaxed atmosphere, listen to the wind and observe nature from a very special perspective.

Skûtsje sailing is sailing with old cargo ships. The skûtsje is a sailing ship without a keel, i.e. a ship with a flat bottom and wooden centerboards on the sides. These ships date back to the last century and were used to bring peat, vegetables, flower bulbs or other cargoes as close as possible to the farms or to pick them up from them. The ships had to be able to navigate in water with a shallow draft and were therefore constructed long and shallow. A skûtsje is characterized by speed and maneuverability. Sailing on a Skûtsje is fun and relaxing.

Sailing tours with the Dutch flatboat (Skûtsje):
- max. 12 persons
- from 3 hours
- Culinary part with smoked fish
- On request for groups
- Sailing areas in Vorpommern: Achterwasser, Haff and Bodden waters


Details at a glance

Skutsje "Twee Gebroeders" - Segeltouren

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