SALT Manufacture M-V

In our salt experience center - the salt towers of Trinwillershagen - immerse yourself in the fascinating variety of 32,000 kg of natural salts in our bizarre tower with a 16-cornered ground plan, interior grading works, nebulization plants, clay brook oven and a world of 240 different salty specialties.

Through our salt-rich active brine nebulization, finest aerosol particles of a special iodine-bromine brine from a European medicinal spring are visibly distributed in the room. In addition, an indoor graduation system equipped with over 1000 bunches of native blackthorn provides additional humidification and enrichment of the room air with brine particles by trickling a Salzreich special brine based on Baltic Sea water. The salt walls with decorative lighting, light therapy, sound and light effects create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere.

In addition to the possibility of wellness and healing treatments, why not take a look behind the impressive scenes on a guided tour of the salt tower? A pleasure for the palate are the tastings of regional specialties.Handicraft you can make your own herbal and bath salts under guidance at our hands-on courses. In the mud and mint baking oven, you can put your own hands on the delicious dough and make your visit to the salt towers an unforgettable experience.

Our sound tours, readings and exhibitions enrich the region. Our Salzreich store with over 230 different salt products also got its new home here. In the salt towers your family celebration or your company anniversary gets a very special setting, so that also birthdays or engagement can become an unforgettable experience.

The saltiest destination in MV - for the tourist as well as for the local - because without salt life is not sweet...


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SALZ Manufaktur M-V

Feldstraße 10
18320 Trinwillershagen

Telephone: +49 (0)38225 51789
Fax: +49 (0)38225 51786


SALT Manufacture M-V


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Guided tour of the salt tower & the salt manufactory
from 21.05.2024 to 28.12.2024
SALZ Manufaktur M-V, Feldstraße 10, 18320 Trinwillershagen

Guided tour of the salt tower & the salt manufactory

What are actually the salt towers of Trinwillershagen? Is there a salt mine there? Is salt produced there? Does a salt spirit live in the towers? Every Thursday we invite interested people from near and far to discover the stories and secrets of our salt...
Breakfast in the salt factory
from 12.10.2024 to 07.12.2024
SALZ Manufaktur M-V, Feldstraße 10, 18320 Trinwillershagen

Breakfast in the salt factory

Breakfast offer with or without brine application