Resort Szczecin Lagoon

Special moments, unforgettable adventures and pure relaxation for everyone - young, old, people with or without limitations - that's what our 5 vacation homes from Resort Stettiner Haff in the idyllic fishing village Altwarp offer. Whether vacationing with family or friends - the houses, each with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, sauna, fireplace and water view, offer plenty of space for a relaxing vacation at any time of year.

Our vacation homes at the Szczecin Lagoon

The Szczecin Lagoon is unique and so are our 5 vacation homes, which fit perfectly into their natural surroundings:
From the outside, the Nordic-style houses impress with their modern look with a lot of light wood and a clear line, which is also continued in the interior. There, a homely ambience, characterized by accessible comfort and many equipment features, welcomes the guests. Here everyone will find their favorite place and the best relaxation after an eventful day at the Szczecin Lagoon.

Usually it seems a little out of time when you reach the fishing village of Altwarp on the Szczecin Lagoon. In a positive sense, of course. Because here the clocks seem to tick a little slower, the people seem more comfortable and the landscape more beautiful because it is still wild and pristine.

We have made this diverse paradise full of charm and rich nature our place to live. But we do not want to keep it for ourselves alone. We want to show all people - young or old, with or without impairments - the magic and power inherent in this place.

That's why we invite you here to us at Resort Stettiner Haff - to our 5 accessible vacation homes with water views, fireplace and sauna and a total of 30 sleeping places - to see for yourself.



Details at a glance

Resort Stettiner Haff

Am Hafen 10 - 12
17375 Altwarp

Telephone: 01724093428