Museum Otto Niemeyer-Holstein Studio

The Otto Niemeyer-Holstein studio is one of the special attractions of the Island of Usedom: a refuge where art and nature meet directly.

The estate, whose idiosyncratic architecture with the layout of the garden and its sculptures already appears as a work of art in itself, is reminiscent of the important painter of the German Baltic coast: Otto Niemeyer-Holstein (1896-1984). Former residence and work place of the painter. Since 1933, the estate was built by the artist.

The sculpture garden houses over 200 plants and vegetation, 31 sculptures and sculptures by artist friends, as well as parts of a shipwreck over 200 years old. Meeting place and memorial studio with a new exhibition building near the studio. The residence and studio can be visited only during guided tours: at 11:00, 12:00 and 14:00, in summer also 15:00.


Details at a glance

Museum Atelier Otto Niemeyer-Holstein

B111, Lüttenort 1
17459 Koserow

Telephone: 49 38375 20213