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The tourist information has its office in the museum, opened Tuesday to Friday 9am-11.30am and Sunday (April-October) 15pm-17pm, outside these hours only with advance notification, I am responsible for both areas 10hrs/week, I connect both

Strasburg is surrounded by a landscape of hills and woods of the 'Brohmer- und Helpter Berge'. The 'Feldberger' lake scenery follows and until the Baltic Sea it takes around 85km. If the guest wants to visit the metropolis 'Szczecin' he only needs to drive 50 km. Strasburg has kept the character of a quiet small town but many things changed.

So you can comfortably walk around the city lake and make a walkabout through the ramparts.
Visitors are recommended to visit the 'Sankt Marien' Church and also the local museum. Here the visitor can inform him- or herself about the history of the city, which had been an object of dispute between Pomerania, Mecklenburg and Brandenburg over centuries.

It is about the immigration of the Huguenots in 1691, the handcraft of the potters and shoemakers, the educational system. Something very special is the strawclock, which was conceived and built by the shoemaker Otto Wegener from Strasburg within 15 years.

Since October 2010 the exhibition about the life and work of Max Schmelig, who was born in 'Klein Luckow, can be visited in the local museum. Schmeling's life uniquely connects athletic achievements with an extraordinary  economic career. A special understanding of fairness and a really modest way of life made the boxing world champion an idol of millions of people.


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Touristinformation Strasburg

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