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Torgelow - ideal for a family holiday

Holiday fun and adventure for the whole family - in Torgelow this is no problem. The 55 m long waterslide in the 'Heidebad', the idyllically located open-air pool at the edge of the woods, but also the water mushroom and the 'blubber' provide bathing fun for young and old. Independently from the weather a water temperature of 22°C is guaranteed during the season from Mai to the beginning of September.

Approachable history - the open-air museums 'Ukranenland' and 'Castrum Turglowe' invite you over. The life-size building in both museum facilities are based on archaeological evidence and give an impression of the living conditions in those days. In the 'Ukranenland' a Slavic village from the 8th/9th century got entirely reconstructed. A small harbour with the seagoing Slavs boats 'Svarog' and 'Svantevit' completes  the village facility.

In the 'Castrum Turglowe' an early medieval settlement from the 12th/13th century can be visited. Two hotels, one guesthouse, one hostel as well as numerous holiday apartments invite to stay long. Beyond that a waterway berth  and a caravan parking area are available.


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