The "Teufelsstein" in Lubmin

The “Teufelsstein”, which translates to “Devil’s Stone”, is a boulder in the Greifswalder Bodden near Lubmin. As late as 1909 it was above the cliff. It serves as a benchmark for surveying the coastal decline. It is a popular photo opportunity on a hike along the cliff coast to Vierow and on the high shore back to the seaside resort of Lubmin.

Its length is 6 m, width 3.6 m and height 3.0 m. With a circumference of 16.9 m, it has a volume of 34 m³. It consits of granite. A short hike along the beach in the seaside resort of Lubmin leads to the legendary stone. According to various legends, the devil of Rügen threw the stone after the Wusterhusener church. The church withstood and the stone broke in two pieces and fell to the beach. Even today the back of the devil's hand can be seen on the surface.


Details at a glance

Teufelsstein Seebad Lubmin

17509 Lubmin