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Paddling, biking and hiking tours with the special nature experience! Go with us on a discovery tour, experience wonderful encounters, enjoy the silence - let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of nature. We will show you where it is most beautiful.

Paddling tours
Glide silently over the water and discover the beauty of nature - that is the motto of our paddling tours on the Recknitz, but also on the other unspoiled rivers of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Peene, Trebel, Tollense, Warnow, Havel and others), always under the guidance of a certified nature and landscape guide, who will allow you fascinating observations of nature. Enjoy the silence on one of the last natural paths, on which man is not or may not be motorized. Take the opportunity to consciously slow down and perceive nature with all your senses. Paddling is done in travel-twin boats (RZ 85) of the GDR folding boat brand Pouch, one of the best folding boats ever constructed. The boat has fantastic handling characteristics, is very stable in the water, has a lot of storage space and you sit comfortably - ideal for a tour lasting several days.

Bike tours
We offer eventful guided day tours through the bird park region Recknitztal on different topics (gourmet tours to regional delicacies, manor houses & soil monuments, wild herbs with tasting, landscape forms etc.), always led by a certified nature and landscape guide.

(Beach) Hikes
If you love beach walks to unwind and enjoy the fresh sea air, we offer you that little extra by having a certified nature and landscape guide accompany you and point out special beach finds: chicken gods, fossils, amber, sea glass, etc. Take home a special vacation memory!

Wild herbs
Many a wild herb is excellent for consumption! I will hike with you where a variety of fresh delicious wild herbs can be discovered, tasted and learned about their uses in the kitchen. We will collect the tastiest herbs and then transform them together into delicious dishes for a tasty wild herb menu.

Wild Kitchen
Cooking over an open fire has been a fascinating activity for thousands of years. Especially today, many people associate the smell of smoke and the crackling heat of the embers with deep-rooted longings. It is not only Western fans who find the food prepared in this way particularly tasty: vegetables from the embers, fish nailed to the board and smoked warm, meat dishes from the rustic Dutch Oven that once hung on the settlers' covered wagons in North America. But even sweets can be prepared on the open fire... At my outdoor cooking events, up to 8 courses are prepared over several hours on the open fire. Where appropriate, we collect some ingredients from nature beforehand.

Regular nature tours:

Every Thursday (from January to December): Amber hike - In search of the gold of the sea (guided beach hike), from Baltic resort Prerow.

Every Tuesday & Friday (from May to September): On the tracks of the beaver - evening atmosphere on the Recknitz (guided canoe tour), from WWR Marlow

Please register in advance by phone on 0152 57 55 46 00 or by e-mail.

Sustainable on the road:

As a certified partner of the National Park of Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, my nature tours take place non-motorized. Whether by canoe, bicycle or on foot: only muscle power is required. At the cooking events, only regional and organic ingredients are used in the campfire meals, if at all possible. In addition to avoiding waste as a matter of course, collecting trash is an indispensable part of my beach discovery hikes. We also support the climate forests in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and buy new forest shares every year in the amount of 1% of our annual turnover. With the purchase of a forest share in the amount of ten euros, trees can be planted in a climate forest on an area of five square meters. When you travel with us, you are also contributing to the growth of new climate forests in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


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