Kosegarten House Altenkirchen

The shore sermons of the Altenkirchen pastor Kosegarten (1758 - 1818) are legendary. The life of Ludwig Gotthard Kosegarten is honored in a permanent exhibition in the Kosegarten House. Many events take place in the house every year.

The Kosegarten-haus is a meeting and event place. A permanent exhibition is dedicated to the life of the famous pastor Kosegarten, who became famous for his shore sermons. Among the friends of this romanticist were Friedrich Schleiermacher, Caspar David Friedrich, Wilhelm von Humboldt or Johann Jacob Grümbke. He was in active correspondence with Goethe, Schiller and Herder and praised the beauty of creation and his island. Ernst-Moritz Arndt was Kosegarten's tutor for several years.


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