Church St. Jürgen in Loitz

The Luther church is a church building in Loitz in the district Western Pomerania in Greifswald. The church belongs to the parish St. Marien Loitz of the Pomeranian evangelical church district.

The building stems from the chapel to a hospital situated in the north-east of the town, the medieval Georgen hospital. The chapel is depicted as a pointy tower on the veduta of Loitz, which is at the margin of the “Lubinsche Karte”. The dowager duchess Sophie Hedwig had erected the building in 1619 as a cemetery chapel. In the meantime the hospital’s previously used cemetery was used as a civic cemetery. The church’s round-arched Renaissance gantry originates from these times.

During the occupation in Swedish-Pomerania by the Napoleon army in 1807, the church was used as a powder keg. Afterwards the church was used as a warehouse and mortuary. In 1857 the church was renovated. On the occasion of a renovation in 1953, the church has been named Luther church. She is used as a winter church. At the south wall of the church, there are the tombstones of the royal Swedish Amtshauptmann to Loitz, Michael Christan Schulemann (1668-1724) and the rule-minister and assessor of war consistory, Christian Friderici (1709).


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Kirche St. Jürgen

17121 Loitz