St. Spiritus - Socio-Cultural Center

The Socio-Cultural Center provides an atmospheric platform for many events in a historic setting: concerts featuring live music of various genres, puppetry, theater, cabaret and other live events. There are also changing art exhibitions, regular drawing and ceramics classes and art workshops.

The socio-cultural center is located in the city center of Greifswald in a listed ensemble, whose oldest components date back to the 13th century. An idyllic courtyard with historic half-timbered buildings houses artistic workshops and is a venue of open-air concerts in the summer. The event hall has an eventful history - Greifswald's oldest church, metal foundry, bakery - today there are concerts of classical music, jazz, blues and rock all year round, as well as children's theater, performances, lectures, readings and seminars. A gallery on the upper floor shows changing exhibitions of local and national artists. In workshops and courses artistic techniques are taught - such as screen printing, gravure, silversmithing, stamp and linocut, bookbinding and more. Two choirs rehearse regularly in the house, there is a co-sing-club, children's chess, as well as meetings of senior groups. During the holidays there are hands-on activities for children and puppet shows. Another focus is the intercultural encounter with the 14-day "Intercultural Café". The main task of the socio-cultural center of the city is to enable as many people of all ages as possible to participate in culture. To be actively involved and to participate in co-creating should be promoted. Highlights in the cultural calendar of the region such as the "Literaturfrühling", the "Nordische Klang", the city festival "Ein Tag mit Caspar-David-Friedrich", the "Fantakel-Figurentheaterfestival", the "Interkulturelle Woche", the "Tanztendenzen" and the " polenmARkT "are hosting events at St.Spiritus.



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St. Spiritus

Lange Straße 49/51
17489 Greifswald

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